How to wash away shade of the decoloured hair

How to wash away shade of the decoloured hair

ashy blonde, linen, platinum, golden – such names attract many women dreaming to receive light color of the hair. One of ways to achieve desirable shade is decolorization of hair. That this procedure has not ended is deplorable, it is necessary to look after correctly hair after decolorization.

It is required to you

  • - oxidizer;
  • - conditioner;
  • - camomile broth;
  • - water.


  1. Try to postpone decolorization if you carried out this procedure recently. Give to hair time for recovery of their structure. Hair after decolorization become brittle, and can begin to drop out or break off already at washing off of structure.
  2. Use oxidizer of suitable concentration for decolorization. Buy it in professional shop for hairdressers better. Concentration of oxidizer depends on what shade hair at you before decolorization: the hair, the less concentration are lighter. This product usually is on sale in large numbers; do not use everything at once, leave for decolorization of roots of hair further.
  3. After decolorization wash away oxidizer large amount of water. In order to avoid hair loss do not pull and do not unscrew lock during washing. Let's water flow down from hair, and blot them with towel.
  4. Apply on hair conditioner for several minutes. It will a little smooth the damaged scales of hair. Wash away water balm also without mechanical impact on hair. Pay attention to quality of conditioner. It has to be intended for dry and dyed hair with the restoring effect.
  5. Use the restoring serum or cream after decolorization. Unlike balm they do not need to be washed away. The choice of serum or cream depends on type of your hair. Incorrectly picked up means will only make heavier hair.
  6. Rinse the decoloured hair with camomile broth (1 tablespoon on glass of water, further to part with water up to the volume of 1 liter). Broth will add to your fair hair unique gloss.
  7. Let's hair dry in the natural way, i.e. without use of the hair dryer. If the hairstyle allows, try to dry up as seldom as possible the decoloured hair phenom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team