How to wash the head with black bread

How to wash the head with black bread

It is possible to find several shelves where ranks of multi-colored bottles with shampoos, conditioners and masks for hair are exposed in any supermarket or specialized shop. Choose – I do not want. Interestingly, and how it is our grandmothers easily and just managed without a thing this fragrant and expensive "wealth", having at the same time magnificent heads of hear? Yes it is very simple. They used natural products. One of perfectly proved folk remedies for washing of hair is black bread.

It is required to you

  • - rye black bread;
  • - ware;
  • - water.


  1. Go to shop. You need to buy loaf of rye black bread. Similar will approach "Borodino", "Darnytsia" or any.
  2. Cut off crust from bread. Slice its thin or just break on small pieces. The amount of the bread necessary for one softening depends on length of hair. If the hairstyle "under the boy", then is enough one chunk and if hair are lower than shoulders, then it is necessary to use all loaf.
  3. Put slices or pieces of bread with the cut-off crust (by the way, it is possible to use also crackers) in plastic, ceramic or glass bowl. It is undesirable to use metal ware.
  4. Boil teapot and let's it cool down 5-10 minutes. Fill in bread with slightly cooled down boiled water so that water has covered it completely. Cover ware with the made bread or food wrap and set aside aside.
  5. In 2-3 hours remove cover or film, mash bread in gruel and filter. Do not merge slush!
  6. Grain gruel (it is possible to add couple of drops of essential oils to it patchouli, tea tree, rosemary or ylang-ylang) wash up the head and carefully rinse it so that in hair there is no crumb left. Later grease the head with the wrung-out zhizhitsa and leave for 5 minutes. Again carefully wash out hair.
  7. Rinse the head. It is the best of all to rinse hair broth of nettle or water with lemon juice. On two liters of water squeeze out juice of one lemon. Such rinsing will force hair to shine.
  8. If you had black bread, then before the following washing of the head store it in the fridge or dry up to sukharny state and keep in fabric sack.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team