How to weld paste for sugaring

How to weld paste for sugaring

Today it is not accepted to sport natural fluffiness, it is considered almost indecent. Methods of removal of hair on body huge set. But paste for sugaring yields optimum and long-playing result.

To prepare paste for sugaring in house conditions it is required to you: 500 g of granulated sugar, 4 tablespoons of water and 3 tablespoons of lemon juice without stones. Citrus juice gives to weight viscosity.

Than this method is good

The sugaring in itself is considered the best way of removal of hair as after it bulbs are restored very slowly. Besides, once it is possible to store the prepared weight in the fridge as much as necessary, warming before each application. And availability of sugaring attracts many women.

Preparation for paste cooking

Before welding paste for sugaring, it is necessary to prepare kitchen. It is quite difficult for beginners to achieve the necessary consistence from the first. Sometimes spoons get stuck directly in weight. Therefore it is necessary to prepare clean saucepan and several spoons to change them if necessary. Also nearby it is necessary to put the container with warm water for wetting of spoon. It is recommended to lay table and floor around plate newspapers.

Process of preparation of weight

Actually, to prepare paste for sugaring not so simply and from the first it can not turn out. If desired it is possible to take smaller amount of ingredients on test, strictly observing at the same time proportions. Mix all components in thick-walled saucepan – in it weight will not burn. Put capacity on plate, previously having included gas at full capacity. When sugar begins to thaw, fire needs to be lowered. At this stage of preparation paste for sugaring for second should not be left without supervision. Besides, it it is necessary to stir slowly continuously. After decrease of fire to minimum it is necessary to cover and leave weight to pine within 10 minutes. Then it is required to check condition of paste. Usually, sugar by this moment will strongly melt. It is necessary to mix once again well it and again to leave under cover for 10 minutes. Throughout all preparation it is better not to leave kitchen in time to guess if weight begins to burn. In 20 minutes after the beginning of cooking, granulated sugar will begin to bubble. Then it is necessary once again to mix and allow to boil it the next 10 minutes. After that weight will get gentle caramel shade and will become transparent. It says about its readiness. Then it is necessary to remove paste from fire, having opened cover and to allow it to stand 5 minutes. Finally substance has to be not too liquid, but also not firm that it was possible to roll it in ball.

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