How to wipe hair-dye from skin

How to wipe hair-dye from skin

Many women prefer to paint hair. And it is very frequent for the purpose of economy of means, dye hair independently. But in house painting of hair there are also shortcomings - it is the traces from paint which have remained on skin because of inconveniences of independent painting. However there are means which easily and just will remove them.

It is required to you

  • - alcohol;
  • - toothpaste or vaseline;
  • - baking soda;
  • - liquid for removal of varnish or acetone;
  • - cotton pad.


1. To remove spots from hair-dye on skin take the most popular solvent by means of which it is possible to wipe spots – alcohol. He is capable to dissolve the dried paint and to remove it from the soiled sites of skin. Apply 5-6 drops of alcohol on cotton pad and rub it the soiled skin. If from the first you have not received desirable result repeat the procedure once again, yet you will not erase paint.

2. Apply toothpaste with thin layer on sites of skin which are soiled by paint and slightly rub. Wash away paste warm water. Repeat this procedure until paint is not erased completely. Instead of toothpaste you can use vaseline. Apply vaseline on the sites of skin polluted by paint and easy movements rub it in skin. To wipe paint from skin it is necessary much. Do not subject integuments to long rubbing by vaseline, you can cause irritation.

3. Moisten cotton pad in liquid for removal of varnish or acetone and wipe with it the soiled sites of skin. But also as vaseline, acetone and liquid for removal of varnish can lead to skin reddening.

4. Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda, drop in it 5-7 drops of water that gentle paste has turned out. By means of cotton pad apply the received mix on the painted sites of skin and begin to rub spot. Baking soda is excellent natural srub which is capable to delete various spots, both from skin, and from any surfaces.

5. Apply couple of drops of the baby moisturizing oil on cotton pad and rub it in the painted site of skin. Besides the moistening properties, oil has ability to dissolve complex structures of means for painting of hair. To achieve the maximum effect leave oil for the night. Wash away the remained oil warm water in the morning and if necessary you can repeat the procedure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team