How visually to add to volume hair

How visually to add to volume hair

Problem most of which of women – increase in volume of hair faces. There is set of ways, but not all from them are rather effective. Hairstyles try to increase volume many, but not at all it turns out. Beautiful magnificent curls look much more beautifully and more effectively, than direct and sluggish.

The hairstyle giving volume

Especially by nature fine hair needs volume. In this case it is possible to make multilayer hairstyle. Tips of hair at the same time have to look "fragmentary", so the hairstyle will look more volume. Having made such hairstyle, have surely regularly hair cut, otherwise the ends will become fragile and thin, and the hairstyle will look inaccurately.

Laying and piles

The basis of volume is the correct laying. The wave of straight hair considerably will increase their volume. The round brush will also help to solve this problem. Reel up small lock on brush and dry up phenom. After curls cool down, you will see result.

One more good option of giving to hair of volume is the pile. Comb the dried-up locks at roots. After that brush accurately comb hair in the direction of growth of hair. Correctly executed pile for a long time will keep volume. Excellent volume can be received by means of hair curlers. It is necessary to wind on hair curlers slightly moist hair. Then to finally dry their phenom. To keep hair curlers of 20-30 minutes, and then to remove. After removal to divide locks hands, without using hairbrush. To give necessary volume, use special mousses, skins and sprays for laying. For bigger efficiency you put the transferred funds for roots. Do not use too large amount of mousse and skin, otherwise hair will look dirty and careless.

Fine hair care

Fine hair should be washed often. It is the best of all to use special volumizing shampoos. Good shampoo not only will wash the head, but also will bring set of nutritious elements. To choose good shampoo not so simply, what suits some people can not suit others. One more way is use of colourless henna. This paint not only increases volume, but also adds to hair gloss and softness. Colourless henna cannot be used with other chemical paints. Henna envelops each hair and does not allow to get to paint into structure of hair, thereby protecting them. The masks which are especially prepared independently to improve condition of hair. There is set of recipes of masks which can be made easily in house conditions with use of make-shifts. Perfectly the kefiric mask, mask with yolk and castor oil works. It is important to comb hair also correctly. It is the best of all to comb hair from nape to the top and to combine combing with use of the hair dryer.

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