In what color it is better to dye fair melirovanny hair

In what color it is better to dye fair melirovanny hair

Highlighting of hair enjoys wide popularity recently. Such type of coloring allows to refresh image at the minimum negative impact on curls.

If you have fair melirovanny hair, the wide palette of shades of paints and coloring balms is open for you. The owner of such hair color can be painted with ease as the blonde, without resorting to decolorization, and in black or copper color.

You should choose future hair color independently as here everything depends on your preferences. Great advantage of fair hair as it was told above, the possibility of coloring practically in any desirable shade is. You can paint fair melirovanny hair in red color, blond (if it is on tone or half-tone is lighter than your natural hair color), bluish-black, chocolate shades and also to try extreme coloring (to use red, green, blue and other colors). Unlike owners of chestnut-colored or chestnut hair color, you should not clarify previously hair, thereby having kept their state and not having damaged structure of hair.

When choosing paint pay attention to structure. Usually after frequent coloring and highlighting the hair become "tired" and dry. For this reason it is worth looking after hair-dyes on the basis of natural ingredients and without ammonia. Thus, you keep condition of the hair and will be able to change appearance.

Before starting direct coloring of hair, you should consider the main rule of work with fair melirovanny hair – as a result all curls have to have uniform color, without color differences of melirovanny locks. For this reason paint needs to be applied carefully, it is desirable brush. With its help you will be able to paint accurately and completely all locks, even melirovanny. As a result at you the equal hair color, without not painted over locks will turn out. Special attention when coloring fair hair needs to be paid to melirovanny locks, otherwise they will be noticeable on new color of hair. After coloring of melirovanny fair hair in other color use special shampoos, conditioners and dyed hair balms. They are necessary to save hair from dryness and fragility. In addition it is possible to use various natural masks and curative herbs decoctions (for example, from camomile). It is necessary to remember that it is impossible to use natural dyes (basma and henna) on melirovanny hair at all. Interaction of chemical paints with natural is unpredictable, hair can accept violet or green shade.

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