In what colors it is possible to dye hair after highlighting

In what colors it is possible to dye hair after highlighting

The main problem of coloring of melirovanny curls is obtaining uneven color, regardless of the shade used by the hairdresser. However hairstyles in which several shades are combined, always in fashion therefore melirovanny hair can be recoloured quietly. How to do it and what palette it is better to pick up?

No matter, what color you will choose – first of all, between highlighting and fresh painting there have to pass at least two-three weeks. During this time hair will be recovered after aggressive chemical influence. To help them with it, use special masks and nutritious balms. As it is difficult to paint melirovanny hair in monophonic color, stylists recommend to reduce as much as possible difference between melirovanny and nemelirovanny locks, having chosen blonde shade.

At dark hair the coloring is carried out in several stages with use of the decolouring structure deleting dark pigment.

In one and a half weeks after decolorization of melirovanny hair it is possible to apply the chosen color on hair. At the same time it is necessary to remember that if it differs from your natural color more than on several shades, coloring should be executed repeatedly. Also at the same time it is undesirable to use the strong blondiruyushchy structures allowing to recolour hair for one approach – they dry up hair and lead to posechennost of tips.

First of all it is necessary to define the natural hair color at day lighting. The shade of paint needs to be chosen so that it on several tones was lighter than this color as dark tone will not paint over melirovanny locks. Light color will refresh the person and will paint over gray hair together with the clarified curls. Also such natural dyes as henna or basma as chemical paint can react with natural structure will not be suitable for coloring of melirovanny hair and hair will gain beautiful violet or greenish color.

Melirovanny hair cannot be painted paint which part hydrogen peroxide is – it deprives of them gloss and elasticity.

If all of you have decided to paint the clarified locks in dark color, remember the sequence of actions. At first apply paint on the grown roots and wait twenty minutes then distribute its remains on all length of hair. Ten minutes later wash away paint, dry up hair and look in mirror. Most likely, melirovanny locks will be lighter than the main shade of hair therefore you can make repeated coloring in two-three weeks, having achieved completely uniform color on all volume of hair. However, hair can and be not recoloured the second time – lighter locks will make dark hair impressive and volume.

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