Independent coloring or coloring of hair in salon?

Independent coloring or coloring of hair in salon?

Coloring of hair - very responsible action. Many women hesitate to carry out coloring in house conditions and ask for the help professionals. Knowing some subtleties of this procedure, it is possible to dye quite hair and independently.

Advantages of coloring of hair in salon

Coloring of hair allows to add them attractive shade, gloss and also to hide gray hair if it is necessary.

Coloring in salon has the mass of advantages before independent hair-dyeing. First, the master will perform this procedure much more accurately. It is especially important when the woman has to change cardinally shade of hair or it is necessary to hide gray hair. The slightest flaws and inaccuracies in these cases will be very strongly noticeable.

Sometimes before carrying out coloring it is necessary to decolour hair previously. The master will carry out this task most safely for hair as special means which, as a rule, are on sale only in shops of professional cosmetics in bottles of large volume are for this purpose necessary. Coloring in salon will allow to avoid emergence of spots from chemical compositions on clothes, towels, furniture. After visit of beauty shop the women should not wipe skin on the head which has changed color in the course of holding procedure. The master can mix several shades of dye to achieve giving to hair of certain color. At independent coloring it is necessary to use that shade which is provided in line of the dyes produced by certain producer.

Shortcomings of saloon coloring and advantage of holding this procedure of house conditions

Despite set of obvious advantages, saloon coloring nevertheless has the shortcomings. The most important shortcoming - the high cost of the procedure. It is especially expensive to dye hair in prestigious beauty shops. If to add the cost of hairstyle and laying to coloring cost, quite impressive sum will turn out. In house conditions to dye hair not so difficult, especially if it is necessary to change shade of hair to only 1-2 tones. In this case badly painted over sites will not be strongly visible. That paint was distributed on hair more evenly, it is possible to ask someone from close people to help to divide hair into hair partings and to apply on them structure. It is quite convenient to apply some modern dyes in house conditions. They need to be applied on moist hair then to make foam. Such way is much simpler than at which mix needs to be distributed on the dry hair divided into hair partings. At observance of the instruction for preparation of dye and time of its endurance on hair to use chemical composition quite safely. One more advantage of the house procedure - opportunity to independently choose grade of dye and its shade. Some women prefer to save on coloring of hair in salon, but at the same time they get rather expensive product most of which carefully changes hair color. In beauty shops, unfortunately, sometimes offer dyes not of the best quality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team