Intricate hairstyles: cone from hair

Intricate hairstyles: cone from hair

Intricate hair can be done rather simply. Cone from hair – universal construction by means of which your image will be always fresh and elegant. Variety of methods of laying of curls by means of cone forms basis for creativity.

Cone from bunch of long hair

For construction of such intricate hairstyle previously wash up hair and dry them by means of the hair dryer. On all length it is worth bearing a little skin. If your hair of average length, for construction of cone use false tail.

The tail will be basis of your hairstyle. Make it by means of thin elastic band. Wind the end of tail around the basis and fix cone by hairpins. Such construction can be made on nape, on the top, on each side or from below the heads. The sticking-out tips should be straightened and recorded by means of varnish. If you wish to create additional volume to hairstyle, raise hair on all basis of the head by means of usual pencil.

How to make volume cone

To do intricate volume hair, having taken only own curls in the basis it is rather problematic. But if to add bunch with volume sock or the roller, it is possible to receive rather original cone. As well as in the first case, initially make horse tail, using dense thin elastic band. Carefully comb hair on all length of tail, having given them the maximum smoothness. From below host attach the volume roller or the cut-off sock, begin to wrap tail. Having reached the basis, distribute hair around the received roller, fix everything by means of volume elastic band or hairpins. To diversify the first and second hairstyle, it is possible to release locks of hair on each side and to twist them by means of the curling iron or to straighten with use of the iron.

Cone from plait

Cone from plait – rather simple intricate hairstyle, at the heart of which braid from long or false hair. The braid can be braided, since nape. Then to collect it around the basis and to fix by means of hairpins. As option you can braid two braids and make two cones of hair. When using the hairpins decorated with beads, flowers, rhinestones or fabric hairstyle will accept option of festive.

The combined cone from hair

The combined cone from hair – intricate hair which is done from bunch and part of curls freely falls down on shoulders. For construction of such hairstyle make tail of part of the hair collected on the top. That is it is necessary to divide all hair into two parts, to bring together one in bunch, to leave other part freely falling down. The dismissed curls can be wound the curling iron, having given them vertical curls.

Why the cone from hair never gets out of fashion

The cone from hair is constructed throughout several centuries. And such hairstyle never gets out of fashion as it is considered universal for all occasions. It is rather simple to make cone. For creation of stylish image it is not necessary to visit the skilled master and beauty shop. But, despite all simplicity, the intricacy of such hairstyles depends only on your imagination.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team