It is a little information on cellulitis

It is a little information on cellulitis

is cellulitis, familiarly much. It spoils not only esthetic type of skin, but also mood. But it does not appear from anywhere.

There are reasons of its emergence:

  • Hormonal changes - are very frequent cases of appearance of cellulitis against the background of hormonal reorganization. For example, its first signs can appear already at teenage age. Also women during the postnatal period and with approach of menopause risk.
  • Food problem - continuous jumps of weight, lack of the food mode and also some products, such, as: fat meat, sparkling water, fast food, coffee and alcohol, salty food - promote surplus of fat deposits.

 Lack of physical activity. It is known what more than 40 minutes of stay in the same situation, promotes appearance of cellulitis.

 Heredity - here everything is clear, unfortunately such option is possible. On it women who have predisposition should think of it in advance.

 Not suitable clothes and footwear - problem are in the wrong blood circulation. Inconvenient footwear, high heel, the pulling together underwear, hard belts, elastic bands, all this worsens blood circulation that threatens afterwards with developing of cellulitis in places of squeezing. 

Fortunately, availability of cellulitis can be defined independently, without resorting to the help of experts and to begin the corresponding number of procedures. Stages of development of cellulitis:

 Initial - when squeezing the small hypostasis of fabrics is noticeable. Visually such form is visible only at good lighting. Quickly and easily gives in to correction.

 The second - hypostasis and also partially sensitivity of skin is more broken. It is desirable to pay attention to it rather.

 The third - numerous nodular formations, are noticeable already without squeezing. The sensitivity of integument is broken.

 The fourth - morbidity at impact on affected areas. This stage is visible visually even in not fitting clothes. And without the assistance of the expert not to manage here.

Development of cellulitis often happens imperceptibly and unexpectedly for girls and women of different age category. Success in fight against it depends on when it is found.

At the first visual signs it is better to fight at once against it, anyway it will not take a lot of time, and various wrappings also will improve condition of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team