Jasmine hydrolat: properties and application

Jasmine hydrolat: properties and application

water on the basis of flowers of jasmine is natural skin toner which has the mass of useful properties. Thanks to unique chemical composition of hydroarmour of jasmine about several directions work at once. Cosmetic is suitable all-type skin, but especially for dry, sensitive and withering.

Jasmine water – product of steam distillation as which raw materials for receiving serve jasmine flowers. Represents transparent, colourless liquid without foreign impurity with characteristic flower, sweetish aroma in which honey notes are guessed.

The natural hydrolat does not contain alcohol, fragrances and preservatives. It is necessary to store it in densely closed container in the dry cool place.

In cosmetic product the availability of citric acid is allowed.

Jasmine hydrolat – useful properties

The hydrolat of jasmine is applied in cosmetology and dermatology as tonic, antiseptic and resolvent.

As a part of product there are biologically active components:

  • vitamin C– the powerful antioxidant accelerating healing of wounds, stimulating production of collagen, regenerating the damaged sites of skin;
  • the vitamin E (tocopherol) protecting skinfrom negative factors of the environment, restoring lipidic cloak, promoting renewal of cells of skin;
  • proatontsiada – complex of the flavonoids which are responsible for elasticity and healthy immunity of skin.

The hydrolat of jasmine provides to skin long moistening and increase in elasticity. At regular application it allows to improve complexion, to give to skin smoothness and velvet, to activate blood circulation in capillaries.

The aroma of jasmine has salutary effect on nervous system – calms, eliminates uneasiness, insomnia, headaches and symptoms of apathy.

Jasmine hydrolat – application 

Jasmine water is applied in daily care for skin of any type. But especially it is useful to the dry, thin, sensitive, mature and withering skin.

It is used as tonic: it is put on face and neck after clarification of skin by means of cotton pad or spraying method. 

The hydrolat of jasmine is applied and as independent cosmetic (in pure form) and as the additional ingredient enriching compositions of lotions, the refreshing sprays, toilet water, nutritious and sunblock creams, clay masks.

The hydrolat of jasmine is effective against:

  • pigmental spots and enlarged pores;
  • the coarsened skin, peelings;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • acne rash, reddenings.

Where the jasmine hydrolat is still used

For rinsing of throat – supportive application against pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

For compresses against extensions, scars.

For rinsing of hair after washing. Is suitable for dry, dim and brittle hair; facilitates combing.

For aromatization of rooms, bed linen.

The hydrolat of jasmine is ideally combined with flower waters: lavenders, Damask rose, calendula, camomile. 

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