Kefiric face packs

Kefiric face packs

Classical kefir is called not for nothing universal product. Of advantage in it — is more than enough! The organism from kefir receives the mass of vitamins, irreplaceable amino acids, salts of calcium, sodium, magnesium and many others. The combination of all useful substances is so harmonious that is excellently acquired, allocating us with youth, beauty and good health.

Women adore kefir not only for its dietary properties. Drink has proved as remarkable cosmetology means. On its basis do popular house face packs. Some fully humidify and feed, others give freshness and elasticity, the third — eliminate greasy luster and narrow pores, the fourth — help to struggle with eels and reduce wrinkles.

All masks with kefir have one uniting effect — they saturate cages terms with useful elements, strengthen capillaries, improve blood-groove and considerably rejuvenate. If you know what skin type at you you, then without effort will choose for yourself reliable structure of mask with kefir.

1. Mask for clarification of time and bleaching of skin.

Flowers of camomile, sage or calendula will be necessary for you. Take on pinch of each grass, throw into bucket, fill in 100 ml of boiled water and, having covered with saucer, sustain half an hour. Mix fresh kefir (1:1) with the warm filtered infusion, give consistences necessary density by means of potato starch or oatmeal. Having carefully mixed mix, apply it thick layer to face skin, decollete zone, shoulders and neck. Have a rest about twenty minutes, then remove mask with damp tampon and wash. 2. Mask for clarification from greasy luster and black dots. With 2 tablespoons of dense honey hammer egg white into cup and stir. Add 3 tablespoons of kefir and 1 tsp of bran to mix. Moving along massage lines, cause with circular motions useful structure. Do not touch eyelids, half an hour later wash away mask warm water. 3. Kefiric mask for mitigation and moistening of skin. Its structure: 2.5% kefir (3 tablespoons) + 1 egg + olive oil (1 tablespoon) + oil of thyme or tea tree (5 drops). To shake up everything and thin layer to attach on the person, to sustain 15 minutes then to wash warm broth of camomile or the warmed-up milk. 4. Mask for return of skin of tone and color. Crush third of bunch of parsley in the blender together with cucumber half. Fill in vitamin "salad" with four spoons of kefir. Apply nutritious gruel with dense layer, later quarter of hour remove structure as usual. 5. Nutritious mask with kefir from peeling and flabbiness. Take two spoons of cottage cheese, kefir, carrot and apple juice. In mix pour in spoon of almond or linseed oil. Smiksuyte — and on the person, cover also neck. In half an hour blot the means remains with wet towel wipes and wash away mask warm green tea or water. 6. The rejuvenating mask with kefir. To pyuriruyta in the combine or pound berries of raspberry, gooseberry, garden strawberry and currant (fresh or in freezing) shovel. In equal ratio connect to kefir of any fat content. Lay out berry and kefiric weight on skin layer more thickly. Dig from above gauze napkin and lie down on couch half an hour. Rinse face after the procedure at first warm, then with cool water. It is possible to finish session house "cryotherapy" — to wipe skin with ice piece from the freezer.

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