Lamination of hair in house conditions: correctly we perform the procedure

Lamination of hair in house conditions: correctly we perform the procedure

The smooth hair shining health - dream of considerable number of ladies. For the sake of it they venture holding special saloon procedure - lamination of locks. However, for the sake of its implementation visit hairdressing salon can't be required. The similar procedure can be made and at home.

Lamination especially will suit those ladies whose head of hear does not differ in density. For certain will estimate effect of the similar procedure of the owner of fine hair which tips constantly split, and various special means do not save from it. However, you should not expect cardinal changes after single lamination. That hair became really slightly thicker and have found natural gloss, at least 3 procedures will be required. It is better to date them for washing of hair.

At lamination each filament appears as if to the film soldered in cover from the thinnest. As a result of it it gains in many krat big resistance to negative external impact.

For house lamination it is necessary or to get special professional tools, or to use ordinary gelatin. In the latter case the procedure can seem slightly more difficult, but more natural ingredients will be applied. Gelatin contains the natural collagen necessary to hair. Anyway at first it is necessary to wash head of hear special shampoo. It will remove not only pollution, but also the remains of laying means and the other substances spoiling hair structure. After that locks should be dried carefully, but without impact on them hot air. Now it is necessary to apply structure for lamination on already dry hair. It does not contain aggressive substances like ammonia or peroxide of hydrogen, but there are looking after components - keratin and amino acids. They promote regeneration of hair structure. The processed locks should be covered with food wrap completely. It is necessary to leave the laminating structure on hair for half an hour, but during this time to alternate their five-minute heating phenom to the same cooling on duration. That is in the specified 30 minutes both that, and another parts of the procedure will repeat on three times. Having removed film, it is necessary to wash away carefully means from locks. After that it is obligatory to apply on them the conditioner and, having taken 3-5 minutes, again to rinse hair. Having allowed them to dry up, it is possible to lay them in the necessary hairstyle. Lamination by gelatin is carried out similarly, but some nuances distinguishing it from the procedure with use of professional tools nevertheless are available. For example, the fact that it is necessary to subject to such manipulations in this case not dry, but slightly damp locks - then the structure on them will be distributed better. Similar lamination requires tablespoon of gelatin and three times bigger volume of hot water (not boiled water). Besides them, the mask or hair balm is necessary - approximately spoon half, no more, differently the procedure will be inefficient.

If head of hear long and very dense, it is possible to treble amount of gelatin and water. It is important to keep at the same time their specified proportion - 1 to 3.

Gelatin should be filled in with liquid and to put for 20-30 minutes to bulk up, and meanwhile to wash head of hear and to naturally dry it, having left only a little damp as it is stated slightly above. The ready structure for house lamination needs to be mixed to uniformity with mask or balm, and then to distribute on locks. It is possible to do it by hairbrush (surely with rare teeths) or even simply hands. Upon termination of processing the head of hear should be covered completely with film, and from above it also towel. The covered hair should 10-15 be drenched minutes with hot air from the hair dryer then to leave to cool down for half an hour. When this period of time passes, locks just should be rinsed water. They do not need additional processing by special means. Besides such external procedures, nutritionists and trichologists recommend to influence organism from within - by inclusion in diet of products rich with collagen. For this purpose dishes with the same gelatin in structure will approach: jelly, jelly, etc. It is important not to be overzealous in their eating because the surplus in the menu of zhelatinosoderzhashchy products leads to set of weight, however. In moderate quantity they will only promote finding by hair and nails of smoothness and gloss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team