Lanolin cream and face packs: efficiency, technology of drawing

Lanolin cream and face packs: efficiency, technology of drawing

Lanolin cream and face packs perfectly humidify, nourish skin, eliminating its dryness. They are suitable for women of all age. Cosmetic products with addition of lanolin can be prepared without effort in house conditions.

Advantage of the creams and masks made on the basis of lanolin

Lanolin - substance which is very widely applied in the cosmetic industry. It represents quite viscous dense weight with not really pleasant smell. Lanolin is wax of animal origin and is produced by sheep for moistening of their wool.

Cream and the cosmetic masks made on the basis of this substance possess very high degree of efficiency. The ability of lanolin to adsorb moisture from the environment promotes skin moistening. Use of lanolin creams and masks interferes with drying of upper layers of epidermis, helps to saturate them with active agents. These cosmetic products perfectly are suitable for dry and mature skin. Owners of the combined face type need to treat similar creams with care as these means can provoke exacerbation of acne.

Despite all useful properties of lanolin creams and masks, in certain cases they can cause emergence of allergic reactions. It can be connected with individual intolerance of wax of animal origin. To prevent skin reddening, appearance of rash, it is necessary to apply a little product on inside of elbow bend for a start. If in 20 minutes no reaction follows, it is possible to put product on face safely. Now it is possible to find lanolin cream of industrial production in sale. It is rather effective and capable to solve many problems with skin. It is also possible to buy lanolin in drugstore and to create cream or mask of own preparation on its basis. Its structure, besides lanolin, can include natural wax, alcohol, nutritious oils, extracts and broths of medicative herbs. The compounding needs to be selected, proceeding from requirements of own skin.

Technology of putting cream or mask

In order that lanolin cream or mask have brought the maximum benefit, it is necessary to put them strictly on massage lines. To master this equipment very important also because it does not allow to stretch skin. To put means it is correct, it is necessary to squeeze out its small amount on the central part of forehead, on cheeks, on the central part of chin and on nose bridge. Further it is necessary to distribute very accurately cream or mask hands or cosmetic sponge, moving from the center of forehead up and to the parties, from the central part of cheekbones to temples, from the center of chin to lobes of ears. It is necessary to distribute cream on nose bridge from top to down. More detailed scheme of putting cosmetics on massage lines can be found on pages of special magazines. It is necessary to apply cosmetic with lanolin under eyes very accurately. It is necessary to distribute product in the direction from external corner of eye to internal. If the texture of cream or mask very fat, dense, is the best of all to put product with finger-tips, applying at the same time the patting movements. Cream needs to be applied with thin layer for 15-20 minutes then its remains can be got wet with napkin. The layer of mask has to be rather thick. It needs to be put on face for 15-20 minutes then it needs to be washed away water and to apply nutritious cream to skin.

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