Leader of anti-aging race

Leader of anti-aging race

Have you noticed that we should understand cosmetology questions more and more carefully? In race behind unfading beauty not all means are good. More often reefs – side effects from scalpel of the surgeon or the cosmetologist's needle are found, and we think of what to undertake, without worrying about consequences.

Laser procedures became the main trend of the last years – many give them preference, starting with them way to fight against wrinkles.

But tell, kind of you have arrived if have learned that there is cream, on the action comparable to effect of laser procedures? Confirmed with scientific research, reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating face skin. And such means exists - Revitalift the X3 Laser from L'Oréal Paris. Moreover, in line there is both serum, and means for gentle skin care around eyes.

Let's understand how it managed to the new anti-aging line to reach efficiency of laser procedures?

What do we fight against? The is thicker than shit and epidermis of skin of our person is thinner, the younger we look. The problem is that collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid cease to be produced in organism after 25 flyings. With age the number of collagenic fibers in term decreases. Structural connections between dermy and epidermis which is the most outer layer of skin are damaged. The reserves of hyaluronic acid in skin which are responsible for exchange and deduction of moisture thaw. As a result skin becomes thinner and becomes covered by network of small wrinkles. Mimic wrinkles go deep, there are "goose pads", skin loses elasticity and healthy color.

What to do? Actually, essence of laser manipulations – creation of microscopic damages to epidermis and upper layers terms between two healthy sites of skin for stimulation of regeneration of fabrics. But constantly to urge on smoothing of wrinkles in such a way uncomfortablly, traumatic and simply – it is expensive!

But modern technologies have presented us absolutely new chance to keep beauty and youth of skin in absolutely safe way. And besides exceeding the dermatological laser on influence force.

Researches confirm that means of Revitalift the X3 Laser from L'Oréal Paris do not concede efficiency of laser rejuvenation of skin. 50 women have divided into 2 groups for participation in testing. One group has undergone laser procedure for correction of wrinkles, the second – for 8 weeks used Revitalift scale the X3 Laser. Results were stunning. Recovery of skin, reduction of wrinkles, victory over "goose pads" in the group using Revitalift the X3 Laser were comparable to results of those who underwent the laser procedure.

Scientific scientists managed to revolyutsiyasovershit break from L'Oréal Paris laboratories. More than 14 years of researches were allowed them to establish that the molecule of natural origin - pro-xylan in concentration of 3% has properties for recovery of structure of tissues of skin. The pro-xylan manages to stimulate synthesis of new collagen, increasing elasticity and elasticity of skin.

As a part of the X3 Laser products Revitalift from L'Oréal Paris the pro-xylan is supplemented the fragmented hyaluronic acid and LHA – the active agent promoting regeneration of epidermis and strengthening action of pro-xylan.

Such structure allows to get deep into and to use force of these components, without resorting to laser cosmetology. Any of means can use as much as long, allowing skin to look young for many years, but not several months after influence of the laser.

This anti-aging line has unique effect, considerably reduces wrinkles and stimulates production of collagen and elastin, gets deeply into skin, fills and smoothes wrinkles.

Prolong youth of your skin with the innovation X3 Laser products Revitalift from L'Oréal Paris.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team