Leaving and hair dressing after chemical wave

Chemical wave – the procedure which is very often performed in hairdressing salons. Its popularity is caused by the different reasons among which universality of hairstyle. With curlies it is possible to forget about the daily exhausting laying. However not secret that such option is very traumatic for hair chemical medicines which significantly weaken hair are used. Therefore if you want the hairstyle to be well-groomed longer remained such, follow rules on hair care.

After chemical wave it is necessary to forget for several days about washing of the head. It is connected with the fact that in the course of chemical wave special structures which within 2-3 days later continue to render the necessary fixing effect apply on hair. If the master claims that new means more advanced, and it is possible to wash the head though at once, do not trust. Otherwise the result will strongly disappoint you. Also you should not wind these days curls on hair curlers, to use means of laying and to dry head of hear phenom.

When the moment comes to wash the head, use for this purpose special shampoo. It has to be moistening and soft. Even the facilitated option of chemical wave is big stress for hair.

It is better to use the medicines having mark that they are intended for hair care after chemical wave. In such ingredients in structure which will look after to the maximum, as a rule, are picked ideally up.

It should be taken into account what will be not enough one shampoo. You surely need also the conditioner. It also has to be moistening and, it is desirable, from the same series, as shampoo. Also it should be added various masks and serums to the home care of hair. They will help to strengthen hair, will in addition saturate them and will humidify.

It is recommended to choose in the flying shampoos in which there are also sun-protection factors. In the course of chemical wave the hair are overdried. Also you should not injure and dry them in addition under the sun.

After washing do not wipe hair, it is simple to blot them enough. Then accurately fingers give the form to curls. If you wash the head for the night, do not go to bed until hair completely dry.

You should not dry hair after chemical wave phenom – overdry them even more. At most, what is allowed, - use of the special airdisseminating nozzle.

Special attention should be paid also to combing of hair after chemical wave. It is necessary to do it as seldom as possible. Besides, you remember that it is impossible to extend and pull hair in different directions – you simply risk to straighten curls. For combing it is necessary to buy special hairbrush. That will become ideal option that possesses rare teeths. After you comb hair again accurately create curls fingers. In case in the course of creation of curlies your hair were burned through and overdried, it is necessary to connect heavy artillery – additional medicines for recovery of structure of hair. It can be both specialized medicines, and pharmaceutical. It is possible to prepare care products and independently, having taken grandmother's advice. It is worth remembering that you will be able to achieve effect only if you regularly carry out procedures for hair recovery. If hair have lost gloss, choose shampoo with addition of proteins. If you want to dye hair, remember that it is possible to do it not earlier than in 3 weeks after wave. At the same time it is necessary to choose only coloring medicines and created on vegetable basis. It is connected with the fact that vegetable components in addition treat hair and help to restore corneal layer them. Well and, of course, do not forget to protect hair from negative impact of the environment: you wear cap or scarf on the head, in the flying in the winter – hat or panama. Try to limit contact of hair with the water having different additives like chlorinated, salty, etc. Hair care after chemical wave rather troublesome. But you will have result shaking - beautiful, elastic and brilliant curls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team