Legends of cosmetics

Legends of cosmetics

is set of various legends connected with beauty industry. Especially if business concerns use of means for face and body leaving.

The first legend

Silky and brilliant hair rinsing will make them vinegar. 

Solution of vinegar was applied by grandmothers and great-grandmothers to remove alkaline raid about hair which did them dim. The modern structure of shampoos strongly differs from those means which used earlier. Thanks to it in application of vinegar there is no need any more.

The second legend

Wiping by ice cubes has curative impact on head skin. 

To tell directly, it is extremely risky method of maintaining beauty. Influence of low temperature is considerable stress for skin. Constant wiping by ice of the person breaks blood inflow, promotes expansion of time, and the capillary grid becomes more noticeable, in particular if skin sensitive and thin. Therefore it is necessary to be careful.

The third legend

There is no difference in day and night creams. 

Actually day cream not such fat as night. It is easier to distribute it on skin, without leaving gloss. And night cream get more deeply, feed and accelerate exchange processes in skin. They are absorbed is longer. Having used night cream instead of morning, the feeling of mask on face will appear.

The fourth legend

Night cream needs to be applied just before dream. 

It is forbidden to be done. It is necessary to apply it to clean skin, it is better for one or two hours to dream that it has managed to be absorbed. Otherwise hypostases can develop in the morning.

The fifth legend 

 Cocoa butter effectively fights against extensions. 

Indeed, it increases activity of cages, but also quickly exhausts them. Therefore, after some time the boomerang effect will occur – the activity of cages will decrease. Frankly speaking, this means softens as well as other vegetable oils. By means of cocoa butter to eliminate extensions it will not turn out.

The sixth legend

Growth of eyelashes is activated by castor oil and vaseline. 

In these means there are no substances which stimulate growth of eyelashes. And here constant use of castor oil and vaseline will add them gloss.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team