Lunar manicure in house conditions

Lunar manicure in house conditions

Practically each woman is able to do manicure by the hands and this procedure does not take away from it many forces and time. Another matter – festive manicure which has to be interesting, bright and original. But on the eve of New year or on March 8 to get to salon not easy. The saloon neyl-art only looks difficult, for example, it is possible to make lunar manicure in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - basic covering
  • - varnish of two flowers
  • - strips for the French manicure or self-made templates
  • - finishing covering, fixer
  • - rhinestones


1. Lunar manicure is known still as lunar service jacket and it is created by combination of two contrast colors of varnish. Before drawing color coverings it is necessary to process cuticle and to grind nails, having given them the identical length and the almond-shaped form.

2. Well degrease nail plate and put with thin layer basic covering. Let's it dry out properly. Then cover all nail with light shade of the chosen varnish, wait for drying of layer.

3. On each finger paste cliches for the French manicure, but not from below nail, and at the basis, so that the semicircle was formed. If there are no special stickers, they can be made independently of adhesive tape or self-adhesive stickers. Make up nails in the second color from edge of strip to tips. Remove stickers and let's varnish dry.

4. Touch-up of lunar manicure – putting glossy fixer for more resistant and brilliant result. Let's varnish dry in the natural way or use "drying".

5. The rhinestones located on edge of "smile" or where the imagination and sense of style will prompt will help to decorate festive manicure. Rhinestones paste by means of toothpick or tweezers, before putting finishing fixer.

6. Choosing shades for lunar manicure, always consider color scale of your dress. But there are several safe classical combinations: black and white, silver or gold, red with white or black, violet with blue.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team