Main stages of care for face skin

Main stages of care for face skin

The correct and consecutive face skin care — basis of freshness and youth of skin. What leaving it is possible to call competent? How many stages include the correct leaving, what means at the same time to use and according to what criteria to select?

Sequence of care for face skin:

1 stage. Skin clarification

It is necessary to carry out in the morning and before going to bed. Means for leaving (gels, skins for washing, ochishchayushcheemolochko or micellar water) need to be selected for skin type. 

The cleaning gels will be suitable for the fat and combined skin, they have the pronounced drying and protivospalitelny properties. Skins depending on the structure are suitable for washing practically to any type of skin. The milk will suit owners of dry face skin more. Micellar water needs to be washed away usual water as its structure contains the cleaning surfactants — surfactants. It is impossible to leave them on face skin.

2 stage. Tonization of skin

Tonics are necessary for maintenance of normal acid-base balance of skin. The procedure is carried out twice a day after clarification stage. Besides, tonics besides antibacterial function, possess also medical: humidify, calm the inflamed skin, reduce the level of its fat content.

3 stage. Concentrates for the person

Serum - the type of ukhodovy cosmetics representing the concentrated overactive medicines of one direction: the moistening, clarifying, antioxidant and rejuvenating action. It is desirable to use serums once during the day, some means — from two to three times a week. Serums, various on the function, can be used in morning and evening. For example, antioxidant serum is applied to face skin in the first half of day, clarifying – in the evening.

4 stage. Putting cream for the person

Cream needs to be applied to face skin in the morning and in the evening. Exception is only too oily skin. In this case leaving can be finished serum for fat or combined like skin, however this rule concerns only evening putting cream. In the morning in solar time it is necessary to apply sunblock cream according to skin type.

Creams differ on konsinstetion. The first category — very easy on structure (cream-gel, cream-serum), they are usually used for oily skin. The second category — the creams moisturizing. Creams, so-called nutritious, more dense on structure, follow. They are intended for normal and dry skin, however can also combine not only nutritious functions, but also moistening.

5 stage. Additional ukhodovy resources

Peelings for house use (acid or fermental), the gommages cleaning masks concern them. You apply active masks to face skin (moistening, nutritious, antioxidant, calming) one-two times a week depending on your type of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team