Make-up: palette for the brown-haired woman

Make-up: palette for the brown-haired woman

Brown-haired women differ in good contrast of appearance. Chestnut-colored or nutbrown hair is beautifully combined with light or average and swarty skin. Choose cosmetics which in the best way will emphasize advantages of your person.

Foundation, the proofreader, is ruddy: we choose the best means for skin

Brown-haired women can belong to cold or warm tsvetotip. Girls of cold tsvetotip have light skin, transparent, easily reddening. It needs alignment of color, masking of specks, shadows under the eyes and other defects. At the same time foundation should not be too light, otherwise it will make the person dim and lifeless. Choose liquid foundation of porcelain or beige-pink shade. It is better if means is translucent, the skin which are not hiding texture. Problem places can be hidden by means of the proofreader of light-beige shade.

Warm brown-haired women need foundation with golden subtone. Choose colors from cream to honey. Avoid tone means with gray pigment - it will make the person flat. Ideal option - creams with reflective particles, they will hide uneven skin color, small wrinkles and other shortcomings.

It is better to have 2 shades of tone means in stock. Mixing them, you will be able to achieve right color.

Very important point - blush. Be guided by shade of skin and the general type of appearance. To girls with more dark shade of hair will go deep tone, it is better for gentle light brown-haired women to try on translucent watercolor blush. If you have warm golden skin, look narrowly at peach and coral scale. To owners of snow-white or pinkish skin various shades pink, plum and red blush will go.

If the dry pressed blush seems to you too bright, try cream or gel means. Gentle-pink cream blush will naturally look even on the lightest skin.

Shadows and lipstick: wide range for day and evening

Color of shadows depends on shade of eyes. Green it is possible to emphasize with fashionable burgundy shadows, brown blue or green shades will go, will enhance blue color of iris brown and copper. In these tones it is possible to do both monomake-up, and fashionable smok ayz with transitions of flowers. Try powdery shadows and also the water-based fashionable cream options giving bright and resistant covering. Refuse black color in make-up - it does not go even to dark brown-haired women. With nutbrown or reddish hair it is better for girls to choose brown eyeliners and mascaras. To ashy and fair-haired brown-haired women all shades of gray will go - from warm mouse to deep graphite. Such tone look much more softly habitual black, well shade depth of eyes and are suitable both for day, and for evening make-up. Brown-haired women can carry lipsticks of any flowers. Exception - very gloomy shades which are suitable for theatrical make-up more - violet, chocolate, dark burgundy. Very light nacreous lipsticks will not approach too - they look is old-fashioned and do face painful. Choose tone so-so saturations. To girls with contrast appearance pure colors - scarlet, carrot, plum, cold red will go. Soft brown-haired women with the muffled tones of hair and eyes should try difficult color options - beige-pink, henna-red, shades of cocoa, pink tree, apricot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team