Mask for eyelashes in house conditions

Mask for eyelashes in house conditions

Dense and magnificent eyelashes do glance speaking and mysterious and also emphasize beauty of eyes. In eyelash care recommend to use masks of house production.

Grass cocktail for beautiful eyelashes

To strengthen cilia and to make them strong and long, use cosmetic which recipe is as follows at care for them: - 2 tsps of flowers of centaureas;

- 2 tablespoons of water; - 2 tsps of root of burdock.

Grass collecting is filled in with boiled water and insisted 17-20 minutes, then filtered. Then cotton pads impregnate with the prepared infusion and place on eyelids for 20 minutes. These compresses recommend to do twice a week. The cosmetic prepared according to this recipe stimulates growth of eyelashes and does eyelid skin gentle and beautiful.

Eyelash oils

Great impact on condition of eyelashes is made by oils. So, castor oil interferes with loss of hairs, gives them dark shade and also increases volume. In turn sea-buckthorn oil intensively feeds eyelashes and accelerates their growth. Rose attar is recommended to use as the means cleaning eyelashes and stimulating their growth. Besides, to strengthen eyelashes, burdock oil can be used. At eyelash care it is possible to do single-component masks or to apply oil mixes. For example, in fight against intensive loss of hairs recommend to use the mask prepared according to the following recipe: - 1 tablespoons of the crushed hips; - 2 tablespoons of burdock oil; - 2 tablespoons of sea-buckthorn oil. The dogrose is filled in with oils and place ware with this mix for 10 days in the dark cool place. Further tincture is filtered. The ready structure is used for daily greasing of eyelashes (it is better to do the procedure for the night).

The cosmetic prepared from such ingredients stimulates growth of eyelashes: - 1 tablespoons of castor oil; - 1 tsps of juice of aloe; - several drops of vitamin A. Components carefully mix (homogeneous mass has to turn out). Mix with the help of thin brush or cotton pad is applied on eyelashes and left for 2-3 hours. The remains of mask delete with clean napkin. The recommended frequency of implementation of such procedures – twice-three times a week.

Juice of aloe and juice of parsley – excellent cosmetic for appearance eyelashes

Recipe of this mask is as follows: - aloe; - parsley. Components take in equal parts, crush in the blender, and then wring out juice. This nutritious juice is applied on eyelids and left before full absorption. As a result of such procedures of eyelash will become silky and beautiful, and eyelid skin – elastic. It is better to do the procedure before going to bed twice-three times a week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team