Masks for growth of hair

Masks for growth of hair

To have beautiful, long and thick hair - dream of many of the woman. But in the conditions of not the best ecology, in connection with improper feeding and insufficient hair care, dreams and remain dreams. Best of all national recipes in the form of masks help with this question. It is necessary to do them from time to time with regular frequency that there was effect.


1. Mustard mask for growth of hair: - dry mustard powder of 2 tablespoons - hot water of 2 tablespoons - yolk of 1 piece - olive oil (peach, burdock or any other) 2 tablespoons - sugar of 2 tsps. In hot water we part mustard powder. We add all other ingredients and it is carefully mixed. To apply mix on hair partings to head skin. Tips of hair this mask cannot be processed. Best of all, when using mustard to oil all length of hair any warmed-up cosmetic. After the procedure it is necessary to wrap up the head with usual cellophane package, and to wind from above with terry towel. Musk needs to sustain of 15 minutes till 1 o'clock. Time will depend on how strongly "burns" the head. If it is possible to suffer, then it is better to resemble at most - 1 hour. We wash hair at first with warm water, then shampoo and we put favourite mask.

2. Castor oil for growth of hair: - castor oil of 1 tablespoon - olive oil of 1 tablespoon - yolk of 1 piece. All ingredients are carefully mixed among themselves and we rub in roots of hair. That the mask was the most effective, after putting mix it is necessary to warm hair usual cellophane package and to roll up from above towel. It is necessary to sustain not less than an hour. Then we wash away mask warm water with shampoo.

3. Kostorovo-medovaya masks for growth of hair: - castor oil of 1 tsp - honey of 1 tablespoon - yolk of 1 piece - juice to lukovitsyvsa ingredients is carefully mixed among themselves and we rub the received mix in roots of hair. It is necessary to wait 1.5-2 hours. After the procedure we wash the head in the habitual way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team