Masks for problem skin: simple recipes

Masks for problem skin: simple recipes

At problem skin the periodic deep face peel is necessary. Will help to set result and to support the shining type of skin house srubs and masks. Here several simple recipes for disposal of heat-spots.

Spots, black dots on face make the life miserable? To get rid of them, it is not obligatory to go to salon, it can be done in house conditions.

After holding procedure of cleaning it is necessary to do grass mask, she removes irritation of skin. You can buy herbs in drugstore. To connect three big spoons of dried calendula, camomiles, mints, sage. To trouble 100 ml of boiled water, to insist 5 minutes, then to merge residues of water. To put gruel on face, in 15 minutes to wash away and apply the moisturizing cream.

One-two times a week are enough to do mask of cosmetic clay. Removes inflammation, pulls together time, lifting has effect. To dissolve powder of clay with warm water to consistence of viscous porridge. To put on face for 15 minutes, to wash away and grease face with nutritious cream.

Masks on the basis of honey are very useful. Honey in general unique product, has set of useful properties, including anti-inflammatory action. The only minus – product allergenic, of course, the mask is contraindicated to allergic persons on honey.

Of honey and egg yolk it is possible to make such mask: to mix 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil with egg yolk and tea spoon of honey. To drip there 3-4 drops of lemon juice. To smear structure on the person with thin layer and to wait until it dries. To wash away cool water.

Periodically for clarification of skin pores it is necessary to be passed on the person by srub. It can be bought in shop, and it is possible to make house, for example, from oat flakes – to mix on tablespoon of oat-flakes and honey, to add two tablespoons of vegetable oil, half of teaspoon of table or sea salt. This mix to clean face of times a week. To apply to the moisturized skin with circular motions for 2-3 minutes, then to wash away.

From oat flakes it is possible to prepare also mask for problem skin. To take 2 tablespoons of oat-flakes, either oat bran, or flour. To fill in with boiled water and to insist 15 minutes. To add soda spoon to the cooled-down porridge. To rub in skin, to hold 20 minutes. To do to not thicket of one-two times a week.

These simple recipes I will help you to fix all problems, to keep face skin healthy and beautiful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team