Masks with peach oil for skin and eyelashes

Masks with peach oil for skin and eyelashes

Peach oil is received by cold extraction from stones of peaches therefore in it all useful substances are kept. Peach oil represents vyazkovaty liquid of light yellow color with very pleasant unostentatious aroma.

Oil of peach stones is absorbed in skin quickly and easily therefore it quite often forms basis for all compositions from essential oils. As a part of this oil there are many fatty polyunsaturated acids, some macro - microelements, vitamins of groups A, B, E. Fine effect of this oil on human skin, nails, hair and eyelashes is also explained by this rich structure.

The warmed-up peach oil should be applied to flabby skin to return it former elasticity, healthy look. Add on couple of drops of oil of rosemary, sage, tea tree to one table spoon of oil from peach stones - here and the face pack, necks, decollete zones is ready.

Add to peach oil on couple of drops of oil of grapefruit, lemon and camomile to receive effective remedy for removal of itch, inflammations and curing of small wounds.

Combination of peach oil to oil of avocado and jojoba effectively as nutritious lip balm. This fragrant composition heals cracks, restores elasticity of lips. Massage of lips is extremely useful: in the mornings and since evening apply this mix of oil on toothbrush (surely take soft, it is better - the nursery!) and accurately mass red border no more than three minutes.

Eyelid skin, perhaps, the most sensitive and gentle at the person. Warm peach oil is capable to feed it, preventing emergence of wrinkles, and it cannot do even to some expensive creams! You apply oil with fingers or do compresses. Thin skin will be nourished with useful substances, will become elastic and smooth.

Eyelashes require care too. For this purpose peach oil drip on cotton wool, remove it from eyes make-up - oil does not cause irritation, besides, it perfectly deletes shadows, ink and eyeliner. Before going to bed you apply oil on cilia with eyebrows little finger or clean brush.

Peach oil does not cause irritation at all, for this reason it is quite often used for children's leaving - grease with it intertrigo, the different inflamed sites. The positive result does not keep itself waiting long.

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