Massage for health

Massage for health

Massage is impact on human body for improvement of work of organism and improvement. In process the blood circulation improves, muscles become more elastic, and skin smooth. It is used in medicine, cosmetology and dietology. It is great way to feel fresh and well rested.

Today massage is offered in any policlinic, there is service in the fitness centers and in beauty shops. Impact everywhere on different sites and with different medicines, but only the certified specialist with medical education can hold session.

Types of massage huge set. It will not be possible to list everything, but we will allocate some. It is possible to divide influences on zones which are exposed to puddling. There is massage of back, face, legs, hands, anti-cellulite , etc.

Distinguish ways of impact on body: pounding, tapping, vibration, touch, dot, etc.

It is possible to classify by what means are used in process: with use of stones, hardware, hydromassage.

Also there is set the technician: Thai massage, Chinese, chi kung, anti-cellulite massage and many others.

Each type of massage is necessary at different problems. Some have the curing effect, others give forces and energy, the third rejuvenate and restore. From this means it is possible to wait for wonderful results.

In most cases this procedure is appointed by the doctor or it is carried out in the cosmetic purposes. But it is worth resorting to similar influence if there is stressful state. Massage is capable to influence positively improvement, takes off fatigue, helps to restore working capacity. It is possible to replace with the procedure lunch break, and it will give to cheerfulness, considerably will improve mood.

Massage is useful at many diseases of back. By means of the correct influence it is possible to cure osteochondrosis. The curvature of backbone is very frequent the phenomenon today. Regular procedures are good preventive and remedy.

Massage can replace trainings. If physical activities exhaust you, replace them with massage. Impact on muscles will be similar, but the condition of skin, lymph flow still will improve. But it is impossible to replace all loadings, optimum to combine them. It will help to improve forms and to lose excess weight.

At any joint, bones and muscles pains the massage helps to remove clips and to remove all symptoms. Even stretchings and dislocations the correct puddling will be restored very quickly and almost without serious consequences.

Massage is also means of fight against skin changes. Anti-cellulite allows will get rid of "orange-peel", and facial massage promotes smoothing of wrinkles.

Magic means helps with many situations, but if there are any chronic diseases, ask the attending physician better, but whether such influence will prevent.

It is forbidden to use this procedure at inflammatory process, bleedings, damages of skin in the place of influence, at abscesses, thrombosis, diseases of vessels, malignant tumors, syphilis, tuberculosis.

Massage at emergence of the increased temperature is not recommended. Also you should not shake sites with burns.

When performing massage, be convinced that there is no allergy to oils which in process are used.

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