Means and ways of disposal of small hump on nose

Means and ways of disposal of small hump on nose

The small hump on nose can be feature of the structure of nose or result of the suffered injury. In rare instances change of shape of nose happens owing to glasses wearing in too heavy frame. The method of correction of shape of nose in many respects depends on the size of small hump and the reasons of its emergence.

Performance of special exercises is based on impact on cartilage which is much more elastic, than other bones of organism. For comparison it is possible to give example with the pulled-out tooth, after its removal other teeth are slightly displaced, so, impact on cartilage and rendering pressure will also be effective.

It is possible to carry out exercise at any convenient time. Heat handkerchief by means of the iron and apply to nose small hump for 2–3 minutes, in process of cooling iron scarf again. Average finger press on small hump and hold finger in such situation within 30 seconds. Try that the put pressure was uniform. After time weaken hand and repeat the procedure. Total number of approaches – 6 times. In the course of pressing you should have no feeling of discomfort or pain. Such method of correction will suit those whose small hump is not too expressed.

Correctional exercises after disappearance of small hump have to be carried out in the preventive purposes.

One more exercise is developed by the author of gymnastics for the person Carol Madzhio. Pull in stomach, strain muscles of buttocks and hips. Take nose bridge in the field of small hump index and thumb and press. Forefinger of other hand arrange near nose tip so that it was in the direction opposite to defect. Lower lower lip down for 2-3 seconds and weaken. Repeat exercise of 40 times.

Only rhinoplasty in the course of which carrying out not only remove small hump will help to get rid of essential defects of nose, but also narrow nose back. Esthetic and practical function is assigned to operation on disposal of small hump which has appeared as a result of trauma, the last is directed to resumption of normal breath. The question of expediency of rhinoplasty is not brought up until achievement of 18 years by the patient. It is connected with incompleteness of process of forming of cartilages and bones. Violation of blood clotting, diabetes and number of diseases of cardiovascular system is among contraindications. Operation is performed under the general anesthesia. The plastic surgeon deletes elements of cartilaginous tissues, cuts off excess bone part. The new shape of nose is fixed in the necessary situation by means of plaster bandage thanks to which not only fixing is carried out, but also distribution of puffiness is prevented. Assessment of efficiency of the carried-out procedure can be given in 10 days after remove plaster bandage. Finally the nose takes the new form only in half a year. Brushes and the proofreader will become tools of those who want to hide the small hump by means of make-up secrets. Directly apply on small hump of nose the dark proofreader or powder. Carefully shade the received dark stain that it looked naturally. You should not lighten area around small hump as your efforts will give opposite effect – the defect will become more noticeable.

Correctly picked up hairstyle plays considerable role in questions of correction. Give preference to volume options.

In make-up place emphasis on the lower part of the person, it can be bright lipstick or lip gloss of interesting color with large number of shimmer.

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