Means for removal of make-up and clarification of skin

Means for removal of make-up and clarification of skin

If to be too lazy and to wash away before going to bed cosmetics or the dirt which has accumulated in day, it is possible to face unpleasant skin problems – irritation, pimples, black dots. The ink which has remained on eyelashes on all night long can lead to the fact that cilia will begin to break, besides, it is capable to cause the conjunctivitis caused by the showered parts of ink which have got into eyes. That face skin always was beautiful, healthy and tightened, it is necessary to find time for its clarification by means of cosmetics.

Micellar water

For production of this water the difficult technology thanks to which the safe means which is ideal for dry and sensitive skin turns out is used. The uniqueness of micellar water is that it has neither taste, nor smell, but purifies skin perfectly, without injuring epidermis.

Cream and cosmetic milk

These means have fats in structure. The consistence varies from liquid to dense. After application on skin the film directed to protection of the person against drying is formed. Cream and cosmetic milk best of all are suitable for normal and dry skin, they are recommended to be applied at mature age.

Skins, mousses, gels

It is necessary to use these cosmetics with water. In them there are no fats, but there are additives removing inflammation and regulating inflammation of sebaceous glands. Skins, mousses, and gels are recommended to owners of the fat and combined skin.

Dermatological soap

If it is correct to pick up dermatological soap, it is possible to moisturize the dry skin, and fat and combined to provide purity and health. It is necessary to consider that women after 40 have to give preference to other types of the cleaning means – dermatological mature skin soap very much approaches.


By means of these cosmetics it is possible to provide deep cleansing of skin. But it is necessary to use them at most 1-2 times a week, getting srubs strictly according to the type of skin. Srubs are not recommended to be used at inflammatory processes, irritations, too dry skin.


Initially lotions are the broths and extracts dissolved in aqueous-alcoholic basis. But in cosmetology as basis oil or emulsion is used. For each type of skin it is possible to find the lotion, but it is necessary to remember that for removal of make-up for century it is necessary to select the means which has undergone ophthalmologic control.

Cosmetic wipes

Napkins are convenient that they can always be near at hand. Best of all they are suitable for oily skin as have bactericidal properties, in addition use of napkins helps to narrow pores.

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