Means from cracks on feet

Means from cracks on feet

Cracks on feet are problem which meets almost at each person. Except discomfort of crack are fraught with inflammation and therefore it is necessary to fight with them immediately.

Cracks on heels badly look, besides, they strongly hurt therefore they need to be treated. Sometimes it is heavy to do without socks or the closed footwear as skin very sensitive in the flying. On such skin quickly there are cracks and there is cutting pain.

The reasons of cracks on heels

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to know the causes of problem accurately. Folk remedies are not able to help if the reason of cracks on feet because of disease. In that case the correct treatment will be appointed only by the doctor.

If it is not disease, then it can be because of the wrong leg care, inconvenient footwear or improper feeding. Sometimes cracks quickly disappear after elimination of the reason.

How to treat cracks on feet

In each drugstore there are means for the coarsened skin. On feet it is possible to get rid of crack also house means. For treatment of the cracked heels it is important to include medicines on the basis of vaseline. It is easy to find them in drugstore. There are folk remedies which not only are capable to remove defects on heels, but also to revitalize them. It is worth remembering that it is necessary to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Excellent cream from cracks on feet can be prepared houses. Are for this purpose necessary: 500 g of oil, roots of mallow and silverweed on 25 g. The making ingredients to mix and hold on steam bath 1 hour. To rub cream in cracks on heels daily.

The remarkable moistening and healing property cream from extract of plantain, tea tree oil, walnut and fir has. Oil of walnut has nutritious, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. Several use of such cream and leather will become soft and smooth.

Foot cream on the basis of extract of sea-buckthorn helps at the dry and coarsened skin and also well heals wounds. It is necessary to apply such means to clean skin before going to bed.

It is possible to get rid of cracks on heels by means of tetracycline ointment and apple cider vinegar. Before smearing legs, it is necessary to make bath with soda. After putting ointment it is necessary to put on packages, and then socks. It is easy to remove the coarsened skin pumice in the morning. No more than 3 times a month are recommended to perform the procedure.

One more folk remedy from cracks on feet is honey compress. To prepare such means it is very simply rather simple to apply honey on heels, to wrap cellophane and to put on socks. To carry out the procedure 4 days.

Prevention of emergence of cracks on feet

It is worth remembering that from improper feeding the condition of skin worsens. That skin always was soft, it is necessary to exclude lack of vitamins A and E.V diet it is necessary to enter carrots, cabbage, butter, green onions, citrus and milk.

Having corrected the menu and following rules of leaving, you receive skin on heels always of healthy.

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