Mechanical face peel from black dots

Mechanical face peel from black dots

Even on healthy skin comedones sometimes develop, they are the black dots connected with violation of work of sebaceous glands. It is possible to prevent their emergence, but if eels were already formed, then it is possible to get rid of them only by means of cleaning.

What is skin cleaning

It is the cosmetic procedure directed to clarification of time from skin fat necessary at any type of skin. Without cleaning the probability of further development of the subsequent negative processes is high and on the place of comedones the inflamed pimples can be formed. Mechanical cleaning of skin releases time best of all, in addition it promotes improvement of complexion and condition of skin in general. This procedure has only one shortcoming: even at its accuratest carrying out, skin some time keeps on itself influence traces therefore on the eve of the responsible actions it is better not to purge.

In spite of the fact that the general principle of cleaning is similar also in beauty shop, and at home, it is better to carry out it after all at the professional cosmetologist. It reduces risk of formation of hems and emergence of the subsequent inflammations.

Indications and contraindications to cleaning

Mechanical cleaning at acne disease including teenage acne and also to owners of skin with enlarged pores, inclined to fat content is recommended. In this case cleaning will help to prevent appearance of vulgar pimples. But in some cases it is strictly forbidden to do it. Contraindications to application are exacerbations of skin diseases, superficial arrangement of vascular grid and disease of vessels.

With care it is necessary to approach cleaning at dry skin not to stimulate irritation and premature formation of wrinkles.

As mechanical face peel is carried out

The first stage of this procedure both in house conditions, and in beauty shop, this clarification of the person from make-up and steaming of time. Distinctions consist only during the process: the salon for this purpose uses the special device, and houses it is necessary to be content with usual steam bath. The opened time leaves contents easier and skin is to a lesser extent injured. For improvement of result it is possible to make bath on the basis of officinal herbs with antibacterial effect which along with steaming will prevent inflammation. Further in salon it is purged by sterile tools: tiny special strainer, spoon Oona and Vidal's needle which is applied to the most deeply located comedones. In house conditions the mechanical cleaning is carried out by fingertips which have to be sterile clean, but, in the presence of tools and certain skills of their application, this procedure can be improved. For this purpose at first the excess of skin fat and the keratosic parts of skin are removed strainer, and comedones are squeezed out already then. The final stage of cleaning is disinfection of time and drawing the calming mask with antiseptic effect. The last on skin imposes the cream corresponding to its type. Carry out the procedure not more often than once a month, after it do not recommend to visit sunbed within several days or to sunbathe in the sun.

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