Modern cosmetics - way to beauty or disease?

Modern cosmetics - way to beauty or disease?

is interesting whether you think, using daily cosmetics and means of hygiene from what these fragrant products of all colors of the rainbow are made? I think, seldom. We want to believe that the structure of means is picked up by experts so that not to do much harm, as much as possible to protect our skin, hair, to make them beautiful. And, I'm sorry, as there can be harmful shampoo turning hair into silk falls? Or baby oil, skin after it such gentle? Or the lipstick adding to lips such seductive gloss?

Well, we take from shelf in the bathroom any cosmetic or hygienic means and we read structure. Pay attention, it is given by the smallest font and quite often in Latin therefore it is difficult for unprepared person to understand that for substances he applies to skin and hair regularly. And not only itself, but also, what is much worse, to the child. Most often you will meet there such ingredients (in brackets writing in Latin, often it is present at tube or jar):

Sodium lauryl sulfate (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – SLS). These are washing components, quite cheap, creating foam and giving to means certain density.

SLS dry up the upper layer of the skin, causing the naggers, reddening and allergic reactions. On hair due to formation of the thinnest film the dandruff develops. Worse than that, this substance, reacting with other components, it will be transformed to cancerogenic dioxides and nitrites which in large numbers collect over time in tissues of kidneys, hearts, eye. It is awful, but according to the last researches, lauryl sulfates can cherezvychayno negatively affect sight at children, and at adults - lead to cataract.

Parabens (methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben). Very often are part of creams, toothpastes, deodorants, etc. These are the preservatives having bactericidal properties. Parabens are recognized as especially hazardous substances in cosmetics long ago, capable to cause the strongest allergic reactions and even breast cancer. But, as you can see, still on shelves of shops the majority of means includes them. And methylparaben as a result of ultra-violet sunlight accelerates skin cell aging, however quite often you will see it as a part of cream for suntan. Whether well paradox? Propylene Glycol. It is generally applied in brake fluids and antifreeze. And also in combination in the moisturizing creams (and in number of 1/5 from all structure!). Moistening it is because connects liquid in upper layers, taking away liquid from skin and creating effect of elasticity, and skin suffers meanwhile and grows old from lack of natural moisture. Propylene glycol - the strongest allergen, very often it leads to formation of eels and rash. Besides it freely gets into depth of organism and breaks work of kidneys and liver. Mineral (technical) oil (Mineral Oil) Petrochemical product, is used in the industry as solvent or lubricant. And here in cosmetics it is declared as the excellent moistening means. Cosmetics on the basis of Mineral Oil contains carcinogens, breaks vitamin exchange in skin which receives less A, D, E vitamins. Mothers, pay attention! The firm Johnson and Johnson very often includes mineral oil and parabens in composition of the oils and creams. It turns out that all effect which, apparently, is present after use of all this abundance of cosmetic and hygienic means is only visibility, external luster! And what occurs under their influence in the depth of organism - it does not concern producers. But to you it is not indifferent? Let's approach more seriously the choice of shampoos, creams, deodorants and all other abundance of chemistry that we buy for ourselves and children and at opportunity to use less advertized, cheaper, but, fortunately, and less dangerous means. Also let's study labels attentively!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team