Moisturizing masks for the person in house conditions

Moisturizing masks for the person in house conditions

For a long time to keep youth and beauty of the person, the skin needs to be moisturized. And any skin needs moistening (dry, normal and even fat). For this purpose moisturizing masks of house production can be used.

Recommend to do to owners of fat type of skin apple masks as a part of which there are following components: - large apple; - 130-150 ml of milk.

Apple is peeled from core and peel then boil in milk and frayed in puree (homogeneous smetanoobrazny mass has to turn out). After mix cool up to the comfortable temperature and apply to the prepared face skin. 27-30 minutes later wash cool boiled water.

In the flying moisturizing masks do three times a week (they can be carried out in the morning or in the evening). In the winter such procedures recommend to do twice a week (better before going to bed).

At dry skin recommend to do cottage cheese mask which is prepared from the following components: - 2 tablespoons of milk; - 30 g of cottage cheese. Milk is warmed up up to the comfortable temperature and mixed with cottage cheese. Then mix is applied to the cleaned face skin and left for 13-15 minutes. Wash away such cosmetic paste boiled water of comfortable temperature. For normal skin recommend to use the moisturizing mask prepared according to the following recipe for which it is required: - 1 tsps of St. John's wort; - 1 tsps of pharmaceutical camomile; - 1 tsps of cones of hop; - 1 tsps of the crushed wild strawberry leaves; - 1 tsps of yarrow; - 200 ml of water; - 1 tsps of honey; - egg yolk; - 1 tablespoons of apple juice. Grass collecting is filled in with hot water and place the container with mix on bath water for 7-10 minutes then broth is filtered and cooled to room temperature. Then grass broth is mixed with the apple juice which is shaken up before formation of light foam by yolk and honey. Further cosmetic weight is applied to the prepared skin and hold mask up to 30 minutes. The withering skin needs moistening too. For this purpose use banana mask for which preparation take: - 0.5 tsps of nutritious cream with vitamin E; - 10 drops of sea-buckthorn oil; - half of banana; - 1-2 drops of lemon juice. Pulp of banana is crushed in gruel, then this puree is mixed with other components of mask. Ready mix is applied to the cleaned skin for half an hour. Wash away this moistening means water of room temperature. Problem skin is recommended to indulge with the "delicacy" made from the following components: - 8 tablespoons of water; - 2 tablespoons of honey. In warm boiled water part honey. Then the fabric napkin is immersed in honey water and do curative compress. 18-20 minutes later napkin delete and wash cool boiled water. The cosmetic mix prepared according to such recipe not only moisturizes the skin, but also, possessing antiseptic and antibacterial action, calms skin and promotes its healing.

The only contraindication – allergy to beekeeping products.

For moistening of sensitive skin use mask for which preparation take: - leaf of aloe; - 2 tsps of honey. Aloes turn in paper and place for week in the fridge then crush leaf in the blender. Then by means of gauze from the received weight wring out juice and mix it with honey. Ready means is put on the cleaned face and left for 35-40 minutes. Wash away the moisturizing mix cool boiled water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team