Morning procedures for the person

Morning procedures for the person

The beauty women are capable to strike on the spot any man. But very seldom in the morning we wake up beautiful and joyful As a rule, we are accompanied by bad mood, and our face is "decorated" by hypostases, traces from pillow, shadows under the eyes. In order that morning was, validly, kind, it is necessary to spend correctly it and to podgovit itself by forthcoming day.


1. Rule first. Has to be ProbuzhdenieProbuzhdenie smooth. Wake up, stretch, make to yourself light massage, lie down several minutes and think of something pleasant. Then it is possible to get smoothly out of bed without any sharp movements. And finally: finally to wake up, it is necessary to make five deep breaths and exhalations, having held the breath for several seconds.

2. Rule second. Water to the protsedurena neglect contrast morning shower. It improves blood supply, invigorates and forces brain to work more actively. If you not the fan of such experiments, serves as effective replacement compress. For compress you need terry towel: moisten it with hot water and apply to the person, in one or one and a half minutes we moisten towel with cold water and again we put to the person. It is worth repeating the procedure 3-4 times then your appearance will become vigorous, skin elastic, and on cheeks will appear healthy flush. Also you can rub off face ice cubes on the basis of herbs — calendulas, camomiles, sage.

3. Rule third. Charging for litsadanny charging it is necessary to carry out every day, it renders the tightening effect and prevents fast aging of skin. - Narrow eyes for 5 seconds, then on maximum open, having looked on the parties. Execute the movement of 5 times. - Strongly wrinkle nose for several seconds, then weaken (5 times).-Inflate cheeks and ball roll it from cheek to cheek. Let out and gather the air, then clap yourself on mumpish cheeks fingertips. Execute exercise of 5 times.

4. Rule fourth. ZavtrakaemZavtrak — indispensable condition. This meal is simply necessary for our organism! It is possible to eat any products without harm for figure in the morning. Food needs to be eaten slowly, well chewing. The breakfast has to be big and nourishing, but you should not overeat.

5. Rule fifth. Prefer to the MakiyazhYarkiy meykap natural make-up, it will refresh the person and will emphasize all its advantages. It is ready! It is possible to go safely on affairs.

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