National recipes of masks for hair with honey

National recipes of masks for hair with honey

Masks for hair — popular means for improvement of quality of hair. And national recipes of masks submit the availability, in the easy way of preparation and result. The mask from honey will help to strengthen the weakened hair, to add them gloss and to saturate with vital force. But before application you remember that the mask for hair with honey can give golden color to locks slightly.

Mask for hair from honey with onions

Such mask will help to accelerate growth of hair. It becomes very simply: in equal quantities honey and polished onions mixes up. The received weight well mixes up and applied on roots of hair. It is necessary to rub mask massage movements. Then to wind the head with polyethylene film and to cover polotenets. It is necessary to hold mask 1 hour.

Mask from honey and clay

For preparation of mask 1 tablespoon of honey will need 2-3 tablespoons of clay (it is possible to apply any, but if hair color light, then it is better to use white clay), 1 egg, glass of kefir or other fermented milk product. Clay is added to kefir, well mixes up. Then egg and honey is added and again well mixes up. The mask is applied on slightly moistened hair, then is wrapped in polyethylene and takes cover warm towel or hat. It is necessary to hold mask not less than 1 hour.

Mask for hair with honey and egg

It is the most plain mask in preparation, and effect of it just tremendous. Hair become smooth, brilliant and cease to split. For preparation it will be required to mix 1-2 eggs from 1-2 tablespoons of honey. That the mask was not strongly dense, it is possible to add a little kefir or milk. If at home there is aloe juice, then it is possible to add several drops to mask. It is good to mix all mix, it should not be too dense. The mask is applied on all length of hair. The massing movements by hands on head skin activate roots of hair that they have received more nutrients. The mask keeps of 1 o'clock.

The strengthening mask for hair with honey

Couple of drops of burdock oil mix up with small amount of honey and milk. The mask has to look as gruel. It is not necessary to do it too liquid or dense. The mask works no more than 2 hours. It is applied on all length of hair and closed by warm towel.

Mask for hair with honey and mustard for growth stimulation

Preparation will require mustard, honey and kefir in equal quantities. Before use it is good to Musk to mix and apply on dry hair, the massing movements. At first head skin is well processed, and only after that the remains of mask are applied on all length. It is necessary to hold mask 1-2 hours. Such mask will help not only to accelerate growth, but also will give to hair softness and splendor.

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