Navel piercing: whether it is worth doing?

Navel piercing: whether it is worth doing?

The puncture of navel is painful procedure, but the result is very nice. Ornament in such place is very sexual, draws attention and looks esthetically. But this type of piercing is suitable not for all as it very long begins to live, demands special care and also can lead to inflammation in the place of puncture.

The navel is place of congestion of many nervous terminations and also blood vessels. Usually the opening is done in upper part by means of special tools. For such piercing it is necessary to address the expert that everything has passed easily and not too painfully. But then within 3-4 month it is necessary to process wound, to watch that there was no infection.

When you do not do piercing

It is not recommended to do puncture to athletes. During the trainings of people strongly sweats. The navel is place where liquid accumulates, so, bacteria begin to breed. After all occupations it is necessary not only to take shower, but also special solution to process opening. But all this only at first when fabrics have not begun to live yet. At inclinations and stretching of stomach the piercing begins to live much longer. If usually on it about 3-4 months are required, then at active loadings the term will be twice longer.

At the excess weight on stomach folds are formed. At the same time there can be sweating, so, conditions for developing of infection are created. It is better for stout persons to do punctures in cool time to reduce risk of infection. You should not do navel piercing lazy. Processing of this site after the procedure is necessary at least three times a day. Before it it is necessary to take shower, and then to wash opening with disinfectant. Once a day puncture is soaked in hydrochloric solution. On each manipulation at least 10 minutes leave. The procedure of puncture is painful even in salon. It is necessary to worry several enough heavy minutes. Also unpleasant feelings will be in the first two weeks after puncture. The puncture of navel will be unpleasant for those who are afraid of pain. You should not do piercing if the person loves the fitting things. When healing it is forbidden to wear dense clothes. And then ornament will cling all the time that can lead to gap. And the earring vypiraniye through clothes is pleasant to not everyone.

When it is worth doing piercing

On flat stomach the piercing looks much better, than on fat folds. Ornament draws attention, so, it is necessary to estimate the forms. Not each tummy should be allocated thus, sometimes it is better to place emphasis on other parts of body. Piercing is relevant for those who carry open things, often appears in bathing suits. At the same time ornament manages to be shown. But people do such puncture for themselves and only in intimate situation show. It is worth doing piercing to those who is not afraid of pain. The procedure lasts not for long, and at any time it is possible to put away ornament, everything will grow within several years. Trace from piercing of navel it will be visible not.

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