Necessary manicuring

Necessary manicuring

Beautiful hands - were always the business card of the woman. Manicuring needs to be carried out not less carefully, than behind the person.

All women dream of well-groomed hands, of gentle and nice on the touch skin. Many consider that care for them comes to an end on putting cream. However for achievement of the maximum result it is necessary to know accurately what needs to be done and how to look after. Daily skin of hands is affected by soap that strongly dries it. With age skin grows old and requires additional care even more.

The first step to velvety hands is clarification. Under it soap does not mean. The means best for this purpose is the srub. It will softly clean the keratosic parts and will update skin. It is recommended to do similar procedures once a week. The srub can be got in shop or to make with own hands. One of the best house srubs is lemon dried peel and the crushed coffee. For this purpose it is necessary to crush lemon dried peel and coffee in powder and to mix them with liquid soap. It is also possible to use sea salt, from it the excellent srub will turn out too.

The second step – moistening and nutrition. And simple use of cream here insufficiently. It is necessary to nourish skin by means of masks. It is possible to do them to three times a week. As the excellent assistant sour cream and honey will act here if on them there is no allergy. Also perfectly olive oil moisturizes the skin.

It is in addition quite good to do various hand baths, with use of essential oils and flower petals. Here well sea salt will approach. After that it is possible to make massage. It begins with grinding of palms (movements remind soaping of hands), further work with joints: fingers sharply clench in fist and are slowly unclenched. It is so necessary to repeat 10 times. Then on the contrary: slowly contract and are sharply unclenched. Farther fingers: everyone warms up from tip to the basis, it is so necessary to make 3 times. In end wrists warm up and both brushes are pounded. Such massage takes 7-10 minutes.

In end it is possible to indulge hands with favourite cream. Good cream contains moisturizing components, plant extracts and vitamins A and E.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team