Not role oil: useful properties, application

Not role oil: useful properties, application

of not role is called in honor of the Italian princess Anna-Maria, the countess Neroli who used it instead of spirits. Essential oil is received from petals of the bitter-fruited orange trees growing in America and Southern Europe.

Are part of oil of not role: camphene, nerol, farnesol, dipentene, ocimene, pinene, linalyl ester, jasmone, eugenol, geraniol, nerolidol. Its aroma differs in bitterish and flower shade. Oil of not role is applied to creation of high-class perfumery. In aromatherapy it is used for treatment of arrhythmia, neurosises. Means eliminates insomnia, helps at neurotic states, hysteria, depression. The aromatherapy promotes activization of internal forces of human body and helps to maintain his health. The most effective reception is inhalation of components at inhalation and aromatization of air. Essential oil irritates receptors in mucous membrane of nose. Impulses which they develop go to certain departments of brain and influence function of bodies and systems. At the same time essential oil directly influences respiratory organs, interfering with inflammation development. The efficiency of use of means in inhalations is 20 times higher, than at other ways of treatment.

Oil of not role renders the all-strengthening, antiviral, antisclerous action on organism. Besides, it improves blood-groove in coronary arteries, promotes elimination of violations of rhythm of heart. Oil of not role has anticonvulsant, spazmolitichesky properties, stimulates work of digestive organs and production of enzymes. It has easy diuretic effect and promotes elimination of hypostases. Means is sexual stimulator, it is recommended to use for treatment of impotence and frigidity. Not role oil is widely applied in cosmetology. Means rejuvenates skin, promotes elimination of small wrinkles, the vascular drawing and couperosis. It effectively heals cracks and other damages on skin, helps to struggle with eels, eczema.

Oil of not role normalizes function of endocrine system, facilitates PMS.

Essential oil of not role for inhalations is used in number of 1-3 drops. Inhalation duration - 15 minutes, the number of procedures in day - 3 times. For aromatization of air in the aromalamp pour 5-7 drops of oil. Means is used for improving bathtubs in number of no more than 7 drops (on bathtub) by waters. Duration of the first procedure should not exceed 5 minutes, it is gradually increased to half an hour.

Means can be used for strengthening of nails, rubbing small amount in nail bed.

Well compresses with not role oil on area of sick body help. They render the anesthetizing, antiedematous, anti-inflammatory and spazmolitichesky effect. It is necessary to add 5-7 drops of means to 100 ml of water. In solution moisten fabric, slightly wring out and put to healthy place for half an hour-hour. Procedure duration is gradually increased till 2 o'clock. Massage and grindings with oil of not role have positive effect on skin, muscles, joints, connecting fabrics. For procedures of 5-7 drops of means mix from 10 ml of vegetable oil.

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