Ofuro (Japanese bath): distinctive features

Ofuro (Japanese bath): distinctive features

Admirers of bathing rituals are well familiar with the Russian steam room, sauna and hammam. But there are also other versions of this useful procedure. Will suit the people who are badly transferring high temperatures and the burning steam ofuro. This Japanese bath allows to relax muscles and to improve mood, without overloading cardiovascular system.

Features of the Japanese bath

The Japanese bathing procedures significantly differ from habitual to Europeans. The East ritual rather long, consisting of several procedures which are mutually enhancing effect. The main advantage of the Japanese baths – universality and safety. Unlike hot sauna, are suitable for people of all age including those to whom high temperatures, hot water and steam are contraindicated.

The bathing ritual has included consecutive visit of the bathtubs filled with warm water, the warmed-up sawdust, sea pebble. Temperature gradually increases, without causing discomfort. Stay in each capacity is strictly regulated and does not exceed 15 minutes.

Procedures begin with relaxation in ofuro. This deep wooden or plastic bathtub reminds big tub. Inside there is bench surrounding all capacity. The client to sit down so that the body was in water to heart level. Such placement guarantees good warming up, but excludes problems with vessels.  

Ritual ofuro: how to use bath it is correct

To receive the maximum advantage of visit of the Japanese bath, it is important to observe the sequence of actions. The procedure begins foot with the correct spirit and massage. In the course of warmings up and grindings the points on soles of legs which are responsible for activity of certain bodies become active. Muscles relax, the organism is tuned into clarification and relaxation.

The next stage – warm shower. It is necessary to enter the general bathtub only after careful washing. The body is pounded by soft bast with soap or gel. After clarification it is possible to settle in font. For the maximum relax add flower petals or aromatic extracts to warm water. You should not use essences with too pungent chemical smell, they can provoke headache. Time of stay in warm water – 10-15 minutes.

After the end of session it is possible to leave bathtub and to have a rest on couch. Then there comes time of dry bathtubs – furako. It is the box filled with the warmed sawdust mixed with officinal herbs. Fragrant mint, marjoram, pine needles, camomile flowers are especially popular. With sawdust stable temperature, the most comfortable for body is maintained in bathtub. During reception of bathtub of people it is filled up with fragrant mix and completely relaxes. In 10-15 minutes it is necessary to take shower and to have a rest.

The last stage – bathtub with the warmed-up pebble. Sea stones heat up to more high temperature, during stay in bathtub it is possible to make light massage of back and legs. Concludes ritual rest and tea ceremony. The small portion of freshly brewed sench invigorates, promotes natural clarification of organism and recovery of composure.

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