Overview of essential oils

Overview of essential oils

oil is concentrated, flying mix of fragrant substances received from plant materials by extraction, extraction, distillation. Since ancient times of the woman used them for maintenance of the beauty and presently oils are very popular.

Orange oil

Perhaps, one of the most demanded oils, is fine antiseptic agent. When using helps to win against depression the aromalamp, calms, improves mood. At addition in bathtub (7-10 drops) oil the excellent assistant in fight against cellulitis and fat deposits. But it should be taken into account that orange oil is not recommended to people with allergy to citrus. If to exceed oil dose in water, it is possible to get burns or irritation on skin.

Lemon oil

As well as the majority of citrus aromatic oils, lemon is effective at the excess weight and obesity, promotes removal of slags and toxins. Possesses antimicrobial, antibacterial and wound healing action. The strongest of oils at vascular frustration, excellent means for treatment of vegeto-vascular dystonia, strengthens walls of vessels, improves blood circulation. Rinsing with lemon oil help to win against tonsillitis. Allergy - the only contraindication to use of oil of lemon.

Grapefruit oil

Grapefruit oil - the strongest antidepressant, helps with fight against stress and dejectedness, increases intellectual activity, saves from morning drowsiness. As well as all citrus oils it is applied in fight against excess weight and cellulitis. It is often used for decrease in skin oiliness of the head. At regular use narrows pores and bleaches skin. Extremely allergichen, when drawing on skin in pure form can cause burns.

Sandal-wood tree oil

The unostentatious aroma of oil of sandal-wood tree stimulates creativity, helps to cope with spontaneity and impulsiveness, calms and weakens. It is widely applied in treatment of respiratory organs and urinogenital system and also slightly reduces pressure at hypertension. Oil of sandal-wood tree is hypoallergenic. Is ideal for thin, dry skin, at regular use eliminates small wrinkles.

Oil ylang-ylang

Oil ylang-ylang removes stress, uneasiness, nervousness, fears, helps to cope with stress and difficult life situations, promotes elimination of insomnia and the notions of compulsion, irritability and irascibility. Also oil ylang-ylang reduces arterial blood pressure, weakens headache, stops spazhma, reduces convulsive activity. Thanks to nutritious and antiseptic properties, ylang-ylang oil well affects skin. Excess of dose of oil is capable to cause headache.

Coniferous oils (fir-tree, cedar, fir, pine)

The oils received from trees of coniferous breeds have almost identical effect at impact on human body. They promote increase in immunity, help to be restored after long catarrhal and viral diseases, are excellent prophylactic against diseases of upper airways. Bathtubs with coniferous oils weaken, improve dream, increase resistance to stress. Also oils help to cope with small scratches, hematomas, bruises. But it is not recommended to the pregnant women and people inclined to allergic rashes to use these oils on skin.

Tea tree oil

This oil belongs to the most often used essential oils. It possesses antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal action, is the strongest natural immunostimulator. It is often used in aromalamps in children's rooms at epidemics of flu and various viral diseases. Tea tree oil is used as antiseptic agent at bruises, cuts and even burns. In the cosmetic purposes it is used for elimination of problems with skin, dandruff, psoriasis. It is necessary to observe strictly oil dosage, otherwise dizziness, nausea, disorder of digestion can develop.

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