Piercing: whether there are contraindications?

Piercing: whether there are contraindications?

Piercing - not only one of the most popular methods of decoration of appearance, but also the most ancient way of self-expression. Now it can be made almost in any beauty shop. However, despite quite simple technology of holding procedure, piercing has a number of contraindications.

It is very important to reveal possible contraindications to piercing at once and also with high degree of responsibility to treat this procedure. In certain cases because of non-compliance with elementary rules of hygiene the people have not only allergic reactions, but also serious diseases.

One of the most widespread restrictions for piercing is availability of allergic reactions to metal. For fast healing of puncture it is necessary to carry some time gold or silver jewelry. The jewelry, as a rule, in this case is contraindicated. From usual metal of ornament it is possible to carry only when the puncture was completely created.

At the diseases connected with blood clotting, piercing is contraindicated. The puncture can cause severe bleeding which will become threat for human life.

In the presence of almost any diseases of skin it is also worth refusing piercing. In this case eczemas, cystous eels, dermatitis and furunkulez mean. Punctures can become the cause of painful ulcers and absolutely not esthetic hems. And irritations which appear on affected areas of skin do not begin to live throughout long time. Mental disorders including epilepsy and also craniocereberal injuries are among the most serious contraindications to piercing. The fact is that in the presence of such frustration the organism in a special way reacts to pain, there can be nervous breakdown because of perception of puncture as wound or trauma.

To the procedure of piercing women have to be especially attentive. Punctures are not recommended to be done in the period of periods, premenstrual syndrome and in the presence of gynecologic diseases. Otherwise there can be hormonal failure or exacerbation of the available diseases. Pregnancy and the period of lactation are also female contraindications to piercing. Punctures do not make any impact on milk or fruit, but can become the cause of stress which will cause serious complications.

At diabetes the piercing cannot be done. At non-compliance with this restriction even lethal outcomes are possible.

Piercing cannot be done in the presence of almost any internal disease – renal failure, violation of work of digestive organs and cardiovascular system, ulcer and oncological complications. If to make piercing at heart disease, then only in rare instances such experiment will not lead to hospitalization. At independent diagnostics of the organism on identification of contraindications to piercing, first of all pay attention to the most serious restrictions, and then objectively estimate the general condition of the health. If you have decided to puncture language, then you should have even no caries and periodontosis. If piercing is on genitals – there should not be neither internal, nor external diseases. It is not recommended to puncture any part even in the period of cold.

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