Pimples medicines standing

Pimples medicines standing

Heat-spots standing can develop for various reasons, but it is possible to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon if to find out what promoted its emergence and in time to take necessary measures.

One of basic reasons of appearance of pimples standing is the irritation of skin. It can occur in cold season when continuous friction of winter warm clothes is followed by release of sweat. Skin has no opportunity to breathe fully, and its time inflames, being corked with grease allocations. Availability of synthetic fibers in panty hoses or underwear even more aggravates situation, often complementing picture with allergic reactions. Preventive measures in this case is wearing clothes from natural raw materials and application when washing hypoallergenic detergents for the purpose of prevention of additional irritation of skin from influence of synthetic laundry detergent.

For prevention of pimples it is possible, taking shower, to use tar soap. It has ability to kill staphylococcus bacteria causing inflammation of time.

During the summer period of time the appearance of heat-spots can provoke long stay to the sun or stings of various insects. Irrespective of season this disease can be caused by hormonal imbalance or avitaminosis, cold, illiterately executed depilation or the growing of hairs into skin blanket causing severe itch can become its reason. The address to the dermatologist who on the basis of the made analyses will establish the right diagnosis and will appoint the necessary medicines will be the best option of initiation of treatment, but at initial stage it is possible to try to cope with problem by own efforts.

Processing of skin of legs bast with rough surface helps to clean it from dead cells, exempts from the grown hairs, does it elastic and elastic and serves for prevention of formation of skin pimples.

It is possible to begin with skin processing with the medicines containing the acetylsalicylic acid known in structure it is more as "Aspirin". It is part of salicylic ointment which has well proved in fight against irritation of skin. The aspirin powder mixed in equal shares with glycerin it is possible to try to process problem sites, but it is better to give preference to water-based means which will not lead to obstruction of time. The good effect can give use of the Dalatsin and Zinerit ointments made on the basis of antibiotics. It is necessary to treat their use carefully and if after 10-day course the pimples have not disappeared, and skin became dry and shelled, it is necessary to visit the expert. Except pharmaceutical means, it is possible to use national recipes. It is recommended to wipe 2 times a day the struck places with broth of camomile or calendula or to do compresses lasting about 30 minutes of this infusion. As internal means it is useful to take herbal teas which purify blood and promote restoration of functions of skin. Having made white deadnettle and flowers of camomile in equal parts and having drawn them within half an hour, it is possible to accept means instead of tea three times a day. Other grass collecting is used also, and it includes 1 part of nettle, train, St. John's wort, birch kidneys and calendula.

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