Podiumny make-up: features

Podiumny make-up: features

The Podiumny make-up is rather various in essence. With its help it is possible to create various images: from rhinestones, simple and natural to courageous and difficult with application, long false eyelashes and other decorative elements.

Subtleties of working process

Important role in work with models is played by not only professionalism, but also speed of drawing make-up. Sometimes during display the makeup artist has no more than 15 minutes on each model. During this time it has to do literally jewelry work because during the show even the smallest details are evident.

In a number of situations the makeup artists give preference to emphasis on eyes or on lips. Quite often they play with highlighters, bright paints, false eyelashes and so on because because of bright lighting on podium the intensity of color of any make-up decreases approximately on third.

Also when developing podiumny make-up the makeup artist needs to remember that cosmetics on face of model – part of the conceived image designed to emphasize the idea of collection. Or, on the contrary, not to distract attention from dress. What will be podiumny make-up: natural or bright, modest or defiant, gentle or fatal, excessively theatrical or in nude style – depends on show subject. Anyway, the make-up before display is thought over in advance and carefully coordinated with the creative director of the brand.

Features of drawing make-up

During creation of podiumny make-up the first step is putting liquid foundation. The tone has to lie exactly, perfectly mask skin shortcomings, it is good to keep on face. The greasy luster or smudges of foundation, spot, relief manifestation of tone are completely excluded. After causing tone, skin has to remind the equal sheet of paper on which will draw further the person. That skin looked smooth, foundation is applied with sponge. It allows to give to the face opaque shade. For fixing of basis the experts use the powder distributed not only on the person, but also in the field of decollete and neck wide brush. Also practically all makeup artists without exception try to emphasize eyes of models. Even if it is about make-up with emphasis on lips, eyes in one way or another allocate by means of decorative cosmetics. Necessary minimum - mascara and eyeliner. Special favourite is black color. If it is necessary to allocate model eyes, it is irreplaceable. Eyebrows usually leave natural, and during creation of theatrical images they are given the intricate form by means of cosmetics and laid on decorative elements. If the emphasis in make-up is placed on lips, the main shades of lipstick are chosen in burgundy, dark red or cowberry color scale. The pencil for lips in tone of lipstick is sometimes used.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team