Precepts of resistant manicure

Precepts of resistant manicure

Happens very offensively when recently made manicure loses the presentable look, and it should be remade anew. There are several secrets which will help to make manicure more resistant.

Degreasing nogteychasto, doing manicure, women remove old varnish and at once put new. At the same time ladies use not just solvents, and the sparing means with vitamins and oils. Of course, it is useful, but nails before drawing manicure after all need to be degreased at first.

Basis under varnish

You should not refuse drawing basis under varnish. It does nail plate of more smooth that is important for resistant manicure. Besides, the basis protects nail from influence of not harmless components of varnish which are capable to corrode plate.

Lakaspetsialist of nail service advise fixer to apply special fixer on ready manicure that too will allow to achieve desirable result. The correct drying nogteynakrashenny nails need to be dried competently. Varnish will not hold on longer if to dry nails phenom. It is better to use special devices which radiate the ultraviolet necessary for polymerization of gel varnish. Such device will perfectly dry also usual covering. The smooth surface nogtyaustoychivy manicure will turn out only if the surface of nail does not have microcracks most of which often appear in the course of their podpilivaniye. Therefore experts advise not to spoil marigold metal files, it is better to use ceramic. For enough rigid nails will approach with sapphire or sand dusting. For soft the file with small grinding kernels will be ideal option. Strengthening of nogteyn the exfoliating soft nails covering practically does not keep, even if resistant varnish is used therefore it is previously necessary to be engaged in strengthening of nail plate. The choice of lakavsegd when choosing varnish it is necessary to pay attention to the term of its validity. Means for coloring of nails with the expired or expiring term loses the properties. It lays down unevenly, to become brittle, is quickly showered. If varnish has thickened, you should not dissolve it with acetone, it is waste of time. Now producers of varnishes do not use acetone as the dissolving basis, it is necessary to get special means.

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