Preparation by New year: how to look good on New Year's Eve

Preparation by New year: how to look good on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve to subdue all the faultless and smart appearance, special preparation which should be carried out not in two-three days, and several weeks prior to festive celebration is necessary.

In two weeks prior to New year

On New Year's Eve to look so as if just from holiday, begin to visit daily sunbed (no more than 5-8 minutes for one visit). In two weeks of such procedures, skin will get beautiful southern shade.

Decide on dress in which you are going to celebrate New year. First, since the middle of December at many enterprises already organize corporate parties. Secondly, the festive attire all the same should be tested before New Year's Eve further to avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of the self-lifting-up skirts, the overwound waist, the slipping shoulder-straps, etc. It is also best of all to buy shoes for festive celebration in advance to manage to carry them, otherwise the festive celebration can be saddened by the constant feeling of discomfort created by close and inconvenient footwear.  

In two weeks prior to New year begin to accept complex of vitamins and microelements – this measure will become excellent prevention of catarrhal diseases, flu and herpes.

This great time for holding such cosmetic procedures, as peeling and injections of beauty. The New year is closer, the demand for these services will be higher that in turn will surely affect their cost.

In one and a half weeks prior to New year

Make face peel in beauty shop that black dots and heat-spots could not spoil festive mood. Sign up for course of medical massage (three times a week), well warmed muscles and vertebras implanted into place highly will affect the state of health and health. Massage has the toning, weakening and calming effect, normalizing work of internals and nervous system. Thus, at work you will transfer New Year's Eve work involving all hands with ease and enviable tranquility.

Approximately in one and a half weeks prior to New Year's holidays visit the hairdresser. During this time hair will just manage to get used to new form and will cease to puff up. Besides, there will be fine opportunity to experiment with various options of laying of new hairstyle and to understand what image suits you most of all.

One week prior to New year

Buy set of new underwear with puch-up bra - it will allow to emphasize femininity and sexuality in addition. Do not forget to acquire the 10-day subscription to the pool or fitness club that festive dishes from New Year's table have not left mark on hips and waist.

In five days prior to New year

Approximately in five days prior to New year make manicure and pedicure. If you are going to carry out this procedure independently, then you should not postpone it for the last moment, to put cuticle in order, to polish nails and to give them the necessary form in a hurry it will not turn out.

Make epilation – during this time new hairs will not manage grow, and here the irritation on skin will already pass.

Three days before New year

Correct shape of eyebrows – this procedure can be carried out in house conditions or to address the expert. For removal of the saved nervous tension surely you descend in bath or sauna.

A day before New year

Make the nutritious or moisturizing mask for the person prepared from natural products that on New Year's Eve skin looked fresh and well rested. You should not forget and about hair – they also need additional food and moistening.

In six hours prior to New year

Take bath with fragrant foam, sea salt or aromatic oil – it will give charge of cheerfulness and good mood. Use body scrub then apply to skin the moisturizing cream with reflective particles.

In three hours prior to New year

Approximately in three hours prior to peal of bells it is possible to start hair dressing and festive make-up.

In two hours prior to New year

Make up nails (color of varnish has to be combined with New Year's dress and make-up), change clothes and extinguished by favourite spirits. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team