Preparation for cryomassage and technology of its carrying out

Preparation for cryomassage and technology of its carrying out

External simplicity of the procedure of cryomassage is deceptive. To avoid negative consequences, before cryotherapy course to the patient will not prevent to be examined on availability of some chronic diseases which can become contraindication.

No special preliminary preparation from the person who has come to cryomassage is required. Only, of what it is necessary to think in advance is responsible choice of salon in which there is experienced expert. You should not go to cryomassage soon after peeling, whatever sort it was: mechanical, chemical, or kind of physical. It is not recommended to conduct course during the hot period of year, in order to avoid developing of hyperpegmentation which intensive ultra-violet radiation can provoke.

We are checked for contraindications

In spite of the fact that the list of indications to the procedure is extensive, it is necessary to consult before with the doctor. Not everyone can do to persons interested cryofacial massage by liquid nitrogen. Contraindications are provided by not less wide list:

  • allergy to cold;
  • hypertension of II, III stages;
  • tuberculosis;
  • chronic diseases of respiratory and nervous systems;
  • epilepsy;
  • herpes (aggravation stage);
  • couperosis (close predleganiye of blood vessels to the surface of skin);
  • extensive pustulous processes on face;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • tonsillitis, pharyngitis;
  • chronic adneksit (inflammation of appendages);
  • state after heart attack or stroke;
  • blood diseases.

Even if any of contraindications has not concerned the patient having desire to be influenced by cryomassage, before removal of warts, pigmental spots or birthmarks it is necessary to undergo inspection to be convinced of their harmless nature. Cryomassage at pregnancy and feeding by breast is contraindicated too. In this state at the woman the hormonal balance is broken, causing activization of sebaceous glands. Skin becomes more sensitive due to expansion of nearby vessels, but this temporary phenomenon. When the kid to be born and will a little grow up then it will be possible to think of need of the procedure of updating of face skin.

Technology of holding procedure

Before the procedure the cosmetologist carefully cleans face, then spirit 70% solution or alcohol-free means process it. Before contact with the applicator (wooden stick with notches for cotton wool fastening) skin has to be absolutely dry, otherwise freezing of the tool to skin is possible. At first sight can seem that the procedure of cryomassage is too simple to count for something. In the cosmetologist's hands only the applicator, is not present the expensive equipment as liquid nitrogen for the person is stored in the special tanks made by the principle of vessel of the Dewar.

As required it is poured in thermos of the smaller size where the expert dips the applicator and carries out by sharp, fast movements on the surface of skin, hardly concerning it, precisely on massage lines. However each rotary motion of the applicator is verified to shares of seconds, the delay in this case is excluded. Otherwise liquid nitrogen will just evaporate on the way, without having achieved the goal. Non-compliance with speed of implementation of the procedure – the most frequent reason that the course has not yielded positive result. The overdose is fraught with local frostbite.

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