Preparation of figure for beach season: saloon procedures

Preparation of figure for beach season: saloon procedures

Beach season not far off. Nobody cancelled healthy nutrition and fitness, but the obvious result wants to be achieved as fast as possible. For this purpose it is worth paying attention to special cosmetic procedures in salons.

We start fight against cellulitis. One of classical procedures - lymphatic drainage massage. It is necessary to pass five – seven procedures. During this time there is activization and conclusion of excess liquid and also the movement of lymph improves. It will lead to skin pulling up, and notorious "orange-peel" if is not liquidated completely, then considerably will decrease. Types of this massage exists only two: hardware and manual. At high qualification of the expert of difference in efficiency between them does not exist.

At more started cases if the excess weight and centimeters on waist seriously make the life miserable – it is necessary to address to clinic of esthetic medicine. One of the last developments in line of procedures – lipotomiya. The essence of this technique comes down to the fact that the specialized structure consisting of several elements designed to split lipocytes is entered into problem places. In the subsequent ultrasonic massage is performed. After all carried-out techniques within two months the unnecessary, split cages will be removed. For all this time hated volumes and figure are lost it becomes better and more beautiful.

Miostimulyation and electrolipolysis - procedures which are performed by the physiotherapist. These methods also are rather effective. Their essence comes down to influence by current on pathological zones. As a result of reduction of muscles, the tone raises and fabrics become more elastic. The only minus - it will occupy rather large number of time.

If the patience in character is enough, it is possible to try the Indonesian recipe of fight against cellulitis. For preparation of structure it is necessary to take:

- coffee thick;

- tea tree oil (10-12 drops).

Further to mix everything to homogeneous mass and to apply in soul on problem sites. To wash away mix cool water.

This technique promotes:

- to improvement of blood circulation in fabrics;

- it helps to be cleaned from various toxins;

- to increase in elasticity of skin;

- starts exchange processes which, in turn, prevent accumulation of fat deposits in tsellyulitny areas.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team