Preparation of house cream

Preparation of house cream

recent years preparation of natural cosmetics in house conditions became popular hobby. Many women prefer to prepare cream independently, but not to buy them in shops of cosmetics. There is no wonder, house means do not contain harmful fragrances and preservatives and at the correct application are not hazardous to health.

 Having decided to prepare cream in house conditions, it is necessary to study technology of preparation as the made small mistakes can cause drawing to skin of essential harm previously.

 Having mastered the theory, the woman has to pick up the suitable recipe of cream on the basis of specific features of skin. It is easy to find them on the specialized Internet portals.

 Considerable part of ingredients of house cream can be found in each house. It is easy to get the rest in any large drugstore.

 Production of cream needs to be carried out step by step strictly according to technology:

  1. Solid substances if they are used, need to be transferred to liquid state. They need to be crushed previously, and then to kindle on water bath.
  2. At the following stage it is necessary to add liquid ingredients: honey, glycerin, essential oils and lanolin.
  3. Right at the end the water basis as which clear water or infusions of herbs is used is added.
  4. After addition of water components, mix needs to be mixed, removed carefully from fire and to shake up until means is cooled. When beating it is authorized to pour in essential oils.

 Such means should be stored in special capacity in the fridge, expiration date of ready-made product – one week.

 Cream of house preparation – the unique product designed to look after skin. The efficiency of such means is much higher as it contains only natural components and does not cause accustoming. Lack of house cream is its small period of storage, however it is easily compensated by impressive action on skin.

 Many women are frightened off by need previously to study way of preparation and property of the main components. In this case it is worth reminding himself that store cream does not demand such efforts, however there is no guarantee that the product is not fake that the producer used only components, safe for human health, and storage conditions have not been violated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team