Procedures for weight loss in house conditions

Procedures for weight loss in house conditions

Practically any large beauty shop can offer the whole complex of the procedures directed to weight loss. Carrying out many of them requires the special equipment. However there are procedures which are not demanding special preparation, they can quite be carried out at home.

1. Soda bathtubs

It is considered that the course of such bathtubs helps not only to feel better, but also to lose weight. To prepare soda bathtub, it is necessary to dissolve 60 g of usual baking soda in the bathroom of temperature, habitual for you. It is necessary to take bath twice a week within 10 minutes, it is desirable, sitting. Also to soda it is possible to add lemon essential oil to water. Course of procedures - not less than two weeks.

2. Wrappings

Here honey, mud, algal, clay and other wrappings belong. For holding procedure it is necessary to apply special means on body, to wind the place of drawing with food wrap and to take cover shawl or blanket for 40-60 minutes. It is considered that wrappings tighten skin and reduce so-called "orange-peel" on problem zones.

3. Cryotherapy

The procedure accelerating krovobrashcheniye, directed to improvement of appearance of skin in problem zones. Its essence is in creating sharp temperature contrast. For this purpose the part of the body is warmed by means of the massaging actions or warm compress. Later put cubes of the frozen broth of camomile or calendula to this place. Thus alternate heat and cold, finish the procedure with cold. Approximately the same efficiency, as well as cryotherapy, has contrast shower.

4. Massage

One of the most effective procedures but which is demanding extreme care and having some contraindications (for example, close located blood vessels or expanded veins). Massage is capable to improve considerably condition of skin, to smooth roughnesses, to give elasticity and to raise tone. It is possible to use special massagers, brushes, balls to the procedure and even vacuum banks (are on sale in drugstore). The vacuum and wave massager which can be used in house conditions is rather effective in fight by cellulitis. Contraindications for the procedure the same, as at manual massage.

You should not forget that all these procedures especially effectively work in complex with physical activities and healthy nutrition.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team