Properties of fir oil. Methods of application and treatments

Properties of fir oil. Methods of application and treatments

fir oil can be seen almost in all shops and drugstores. It is extracted from needles and young growth of fir tree which grows in the north of Siberia, in Carpathians Mountains and Central Asia. Useful properties of fir oil have begun to use at the beginning of the twentieth century. Though national sorcerers used this oil in age-old times.

Useful properties of oil of fir are known still for a long time. Still Hippocrates eulogized its healing properties. In ancient times fir oil was used as natural antiseptic agent for wounds and cuts and also by treatments of cough and cold. Oil of fir is appreciated disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It is successfully applied in treatment of sharp viral diseases, diseases of respiratory bodies, healing of burns, wounds and also at acne rash and some types of eczemas. Also oil perfectly copes with many harmful bacteria. And thanks to the warming and anesthetizing properties it is effective at diseases of joints and backbone.

For what reason at fir oil there are so much useful properties? Vitamins and minerals are its part in large number. Also there are natural phytoncides, olein and lauric acids, camphor and glycerides.

Fir oil is often used for rehabilitation after serious illnesses as with its help the immune system of organism becomes stronger.

By means of fir oil it is possible to struggle with headache, migraine, articulate pain and backbone pain successfully.

Fir oil thanks to wide range of its useful properties is used both for treatment, and for prevention of various diseases. It is effective at treatment of purulent tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitises. Process of treatment consists in processing by fir oil of tonsils and mucous throats. It is necessary to do it by means of spoon and the piece of bintik or gauze which is reeled up on it. It is necessary to impregnate bandage with oil and to grease sick sites.

It is possible not to smear throat, and to dig oil nose. Dvetri of drop in each nostril. Oil will flow down on the nasal courses and will grease the inflamed sites of nasopharynx.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, oil of fir tree well helps at treatment of furunkulez. For this purpose the bandage impregnated with oil is put to furuncle. The warming bandage is atop applied and fixed by adhesive plaster. It is necessary to do such compress 2‒3 times a day. Useful properties of fir oil are capable to cope with cold, bronchitis and tracheitis. To cure cold, it is necessary to oil wings of nose and forehead. And here for treatment of bronchitis and tracheitis it is necessary to do inhalations with fir oil addition. On liter of boiled water one teaspoon of oil is necessary. It is necessary to carry out the procedure within 10‒15 minutes. For treatment of stomatitis and toothache it is necessary to do rinsings of mouth. To add 5 drops of oil of fir tree to glass of warm boiled water and to rinse mouth. If with rinsing there were problems, then it is possible to apply with finger means on sore point. Also fir oil is applied to treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, gout and backbone pains. It has the warming and anesthetizing property. At emergence of pain it is necessary to apply several drops of oil on palm and the massing movements to pound sore point. After a while pain will cease. Fir oil has the weakening and tonic effect. It is used in aromatherapy, for achievement of relaxation and calm at alarm and stress.

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