Protect dry face skin all the year round

Protect dry face skin all the year round

Dry skin causes strong discomfort. Genetic diseases and also insufficient leaving can be the cause of dryness of skin. Its state is also influenced by external factors which do not depend on us, that is high or low temperature, hardness of water, the dry, hot and polluted air.

The occlusal layer of skin represents hydrolipidic cover from water and lipids which is the most external layer of epidermis. It forms barrier from external factors and prevents water evaporation. At damage, skin becomes angry, thinner that causes discomfort and feeling of tightness. Inadequate dry face skin care will lead to fast aging. Wrinkles will become more noticeable, and the complexion will be gray, without freshness and vital force.

How to prevent it?

The most important and main step — careful removal of make-up. We have to pay special attention to cosmetics selection. In case of dry skin it is important not to rub it therefore oils, gels and cleansing foams are very good. Also it is necessary to remember peeling — the enzymatic peeling will be the best. It peels the keratosic epidermis which will give effect of soft and elastic skin.

The following step — correctly picked up serum and cream. They have to contain hyaluronic acid which is responsible for binding of water in skin and for the correct moistening. The phospholipids which are contained in cream, linolic acid and vitamin E will promote recovery of the injured skin. Vitamin A reduces keratoz and prevents appearance of wrinkles.

Of course, we cannot forget about cream with the SPF 30 filter which will contain zinc or titanium dioxide. This cream is also called mineral. The skin protected thus will be properly protected from UVA and UVB of beams. The composition of cosmetics which we use is important. Special attention should be paid to whether contain it paraffin and lanolin  - it is komedogenny ingredients, that is they clog up pores. Therefore study composition of cosmetics before purchase to avoid disappointments after its use.

Care in beauty shop

If you have decided to visit beauty shop, the expert will begin with interview, and then the computer analysis of skin. For dry skin begin with relief of irritation. It is important to restore hydrolipidic cover and to fill shortcomings. The needle mesotherapy will be excellent here. The essence of the procedure consists in putting the nutritious or regenerating substances on more deep skin layers thanks to which they work quicker and more effectively.

Remember that not only appropriate care is important. Let's pay attention to what we eat how often and how many water we drink during the day. The diet plays large role in our life therefore it is worth supporting regular meals which are well balanced. It is necessary to moisturize the skin from within. It is recommended to drink not less than 1.5 liters of water to support sufficient moistening. When it not so, our skin, unfortunately, suffers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team