Protection against the sun in the city

Protection against the sun in the city

All of us know that it is necessary to protect skin from the sun, but not everyone remembers this precautionary measure in city conditions.

It would seem, use of sun-protection means in working hours is not especially justified: from the house - in the subway, from the subway - in office, lunch break, in the evening - again trip home. On the street we are infrequently therefore many ladies do not use sun-protection cosmetics in everyday life. However it is necessary to remember that active and sun roast can do harm during 20-minute walk. Besides, ultraviolet gets through glass. Of course, influence because of window will be not such strong, but will be.

Therefore for city dwellers the moisturizing daily use creams with the SPF filter are provided. Such means may contain anti-aging components, to humidify, feed, smooth, plus, as bonus, to protect. Therefore when choosing of the daily moisturizing cream whenever possible give preference to means with SPF component. You put such means under make-up. Level of city protection can fluctuate around SPF 10-20.

Gathering to the country, take with yourself not only face cream, but also special sun-protection means which will allow to secure both face, and body. If you intend to spend some time, luxuriating under beams of the sun, the level of protection has to be SPF 20-25 depending on your type of skin. There are different phototypes of skin, and on this factor depends, how fast you can burn.

Owners of the most gentle and vulnerable skin - red young ladies with large number of freckles. They risk to burn in 10-15 minutes under the open sun. Other extreme - dark-haired swarty beauties who can stay under the sun to half an hour and on not to feel any discomfort. Most likely, you know what phototype you treat. Proceeding from it, it is necessary to pick up indicator of SPF which will protect you.

Children's skin is most susceptible to sunshine therefore for children special means with the increased SPF level are provided. Besides, protection of the child has to be complemented surely with headdress which each careful mother carries with herself in bag.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team